Sunday, 15 January 2012

All the things I love

I have a habit to keep old things, eventhough the possibility of not using it again, is 99.9999999%. And, I also have a habit to use things sampai buruk. Worst, dah buruk pun pakai lagi. I’m not kinda people who save the penny to the last, sometimes I do waste things especially food that not taste good or clothes that I bought online and apparently does not fit me. I keep it because I just LOVE those things.

1) Bed sheet, blanket, telekung & sejadah (my late puan (grandmother) punya)
After puan passed away about 11 years ago, my mom, as the eldest daughter (Pak Long is the 1st child), take charge to divide all puan’s belonging. I was there at that time, helping her to take care of atuk (he also has passed away about 5 years ago) & to help her tidy up the house because we will bring atuk to our house. So, we try to clear up all things before we left. I saw all 4 (they seem to look at me too & begging me to take them all), look new & still in good condition, maybe have been use for few times for special occasion. I ask my mom permission to take all those things, & she say ok. So, from that time, they all mine.

I’ve been using them since my university times, 2001 until now, except for the telekung. I forgot where I put after I bought a very cheap telekung at Jalan TAR. I’ve been searching for it around in the house, but still not found. So, I consider, the telekung is having its own good life now. Others 3, too faded & makin nipis, still in use eventhough I have bought new. 11 years & counting.

Aussixx bed sheet that I bought for few hundred still cannot challenge how much I love the bed sheet buruk tu. Same goes to the blanket, I used it until it half torn & now I use it as ironing board cover. I still can save it from the threat to be thrown away. The sejadah is the only I always bring with me whenever I go. I don’t care if people look at the sejadah with one kind, I’m too proud to tell them it does belong to my late grandmother.

2) White ELLE purse. Birthday present from Asan.
I got it for my 24th birthday, in 2007. As more than 4 years passed by, the white already graying & the button for the coin compartment already loose. Some more, I do ter’drop’ it while busy shopping at a warehouse sale but lucky me, the person who found it return to me the next day. Lucky me also, I keep the sim card case inside, that’s where he found my mobile number. (Berapa kerat je yang simpan sim card case after they bought the mobile number?). There’s not much money inside, IC can be renewed, lodge police report is the leceh part, but still ok. The most I can’t accept is the feeling of losing the purse that is just the same like I lost someone I love. From that time, I become more careful. I don’t want to feel the feeling again. Until now I still use it despite the condition of the purse. & I don’t wish to change. & please don’t give me a Salvatore Ferragamo purse as a gift, it’s very hard to decide which to use, which to throw.

3) Sony MP3 – birthday present from Asan.
If I’m not mistaken I got it for my birthday the year after the white ELLE purse. The battery is weakening, but still ok. Only the wire already out & 1 of the speaker is no more functioning. Then, I bought a new earset, but, I still keep the old. Asan keep asking me to throw. & I tell him this,

"I love a ll gifts that u give to me, & whatever reason, I will not throw eventhough you the 1 to ask. If it makes your eyes sick, you can throw it away, but please, not in front of me".

Not later after that, I never saw the earset & I won’t ask him “bang, nampak tak earset saya?”

4) Bekas2 Clinique
Botol2 & bekas2 kosong. Believe it, I wash them all & keep. For the 1st time I bought, I feel they are too expensive & the price that I pay is included the cost of the botol/bekas. So, I have to keep it. Even small bekas/botol I got for free gift (loyal customer konon), I still keep.

5) 2 biji bantal yang dah banyak peta planet & lunyai
1 i have been use since year 2001 until now, the other 1 is belong to Erin & already in my collection (if I can call it collection) for about 2, 3 years but, last week was dibakulsampahkan because of the new bantal we bought.

6) Books, documents, notes – all papers.
Books masa belajar kat uni & all notes during SA time, still I simpan, itupun dah separuh kena buang. In case, I need to refer. But until now, I never use back all that. But, since it’s ilmu & ilmu never faded, I will defend to keep it. (darling, just pray the termite eat it, then only I’ll throw).

7) bajus, handbags, earrings…& the list goes on….
Those that confirmed I will not use anymore, i have throw RELUCTANTLY. I just have a mission, not to wear faded clothes anymore, that’s where I got guts to throw them all. Pregnant clothes, I still  keep, eventhough I don’t want to keep. After maternity leave, I took out all the clothes that i keep because I can’t fit due to pregnancy & want to wash & use back especially the office clothes. TETAPI, I can’t fit to any of it. Seluar yang dulu longgar kena pakai belt, sekarang tak boleh masuk butang. Adoiyai. Baju2 tu semua tak buang, but be my trigger to slim back. Masa dalam pantang, I berangan2 buat macam ni. Keluarkan baju sebelum pregnant, simpan baju pregnant dalam bekas & cakap macam ni “bye bye baju pregnant. Semoga tidak berjumpa lagi”.

After khawin, I moved my belongings to achik’s house. Ada sekotak beg yang dah lama tak pakai, but still in good condition, sayang nak buang. Tapi, terpaksa dibuang, sebab terjatuh masa tengah moving tu, & dibawah sinaran cahaya matahari, terserlahlah beg2 tu dah buruk (baru sedar), jadi tanpa dapat dipertahankan, terpaksa anggukkan je bila orang tu kata “buang”.

Earrings masih ada, sebekas. Sayangnya nak buang, walaupun dah tak pakai. Ni masa zaman2 freehair dulu. Pantang Nampak RM 10-3, mesti beli. Hehe. Biar murah, janji banyak dalam simpanan.

8) Tupperware.
I have quite a lot Tupperware collection (bukan Tupperware brand). I just like it & love to collect. My sister even makes fun on me, but I’m ok with that. When Asan ask, still use or not. I’ll say yes, eventhough I use it like twice a year.

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