Saturday, 11 February 2012

Am I Autophobia?

Last time, if my husband has to work on weekend, I’ll go to my sister’s house. We’ll meet up, either we’ll stay home - chit chatting, playing games, sleeping etc etc etc or we’ll go to somewhere – be it Mid Valley, Bangsar-------threading, or just JJAG. JJAG???? Jalan Jalan Ambil Gambar. Maybe, we all not that popular that everybody like to befriend us, but I tell you. If we meet up, we’ll rock the world!

10 reasons why I can’t stay home & alone is:
1) I don’t like to be alone.
2) I hate being alone.
3) I’ll be crazy if I’m alone.
4) see #1
5) see #2
6) see #3
7) see #4
8) see #5
9) see #6
10) see #7

During my single & like to mingle time, I always make sure my weekend time full with activities, be it good or bad-MUST HAVE ACTIVITIES. Sleeping is 1 good activity ok, but if I awake, I must go out. If I stay at home & alone (the apartment I rented has no television-u can imagine how boring I am), angin2 PMS pelesu mesti nak datang. Usually, if I don’t have to work late on Friday night & Saturday morning, my BF & I will go main dating-dating, watching movies, JJAG, lepak2 buang masa, janji tak sorang2. IF NOT, (Bold & Capital Letter here) I’ll go for window shopping. The nearest-Mid Valley. I’ll go back home after Maghrib or just before the shops close. Otherwise, the bus will full, pack with the local & foreign workers. Tak kuasa mak nak himpet-himpet!

After married, the story remain the same except, I can’t go for window shopping if my husband & I do not go dating-dating. I’ll stay at home, but that time, it still ok because, my SIL stay with us, so I’m not alone.

Now, the story STILL remains the same. I still can’t stay at home & alone. Especially now, everytime If I were alone, I’ll keep thinking of my daughter, Adelea. Think of, what she is doing now. Menangis ke dia? Kenyang ke dia? Gembira ke dia? Lepas tu, mulalah nak emo-emo teringat tak dapat breastfeed. Teringat2 masa putus susu badan. Teringat macam mana tension jaga malam. Teringat macam mana aksi dia kalau lapar sangat. Teringat macam mana dia selesema. Boleh gila!

Am I autophobia? Okla…maybe 1%.


  1. Aku dulu masa zaman cintan cintun pun sama, kalo duduk umah, tido, kalo tak, keluar.rasa boring duduk umah.dulu duduk umah sewa umah bkn ade ape pon dalam umah,tu yg asik nak keluar je

    1. tula pasal...nak beli2 barang, malas nak angkut2...lagipun bukan tau nk duduk mn.....