Monday, 27 February 2012

rajin tahap gaban? @ buruh kasar?

Persoalan diatas merujuk kepada few days before I went back to my MIL’s house because of Maulidur Rasul & Thaipusam long holiday, from Saturday to Tuesday. CNY holiday on 23rd & 24th of Jan, saw my colleagues in xxxxxx to take leave for the whole week, left me with no documents at all. Ok, never mind, nak raya kan. I pun kalau raya, kalau boleh taknak fikir dah hal2 kerja ni. fikir nak sarung kebaya I je di pagi raya nan mulia. Jadi, I very understand if you told me, u all have no time to give me documents because u all sibuk alter u all punya uniform raya bagi lagi ketat lagi seksi. Never mind friend. *joking, no heart feeling ya*

The very next week, they send in about 150 in total documents, which is the previous week document that I have to complete it for 2 days. Initially, completing the documents is not my main job, it belongs to someone else, who also busy with her own reporting schedule. i can’t wait for her to finish her reporting, then only finish the documents, it will delay my reporting. I have to take initiative to finish the documents myself. As the result, for the whole week, I have to work late until 7 to 8 pm, & continue at home until 3 to 4 am in the morning. *zzzzzzzzzz*

1 report has to be submitted on Monday, which is public holiday in Malaysia only. Therefore, I have to submit on Friday, meaning I have 1 day short. After all the work late, sleep late & tiring episode, I manage to submit the report on Friday afternoon. *congrats Ros*

The reason of this entry is not that, I want to complaint about my job. I always proud with whom I am now & the achievement I gained so far. This is only 1 of the ways for me to let go all the negative feeling towards my job & feel more relieved from all the works tension. In fact, I’ll always wait for the next month/quarter reporting to see what the new challenges that awaits for me. *problem lagi, nyampah tul*

Some people might think my job is not as difficult as theirs because of the nature/boss attitude/seniority (ni yang aku menyampah. Kalau dah seploh taun kau kerja ngadap menatang tu je, of course la kau boleh kata senang kan kalau nak bandingkan dengan aku yang kerja setahun jagung ni) or all nonsense that they might think. Hello narrow minded person, even kerja data entry pun tak begitu senang hokeh! Kalau kau rasa kerja kau susah sangat, yang kau kerja situ lagi sapa suruh. Ada orang paksa kau kerja situ ke? Hade?

*astaghfirullahhalazim* * sebut 3 kali*

So, just respect on others people job. No need to tell the world that you have the most difficult job now. *gaya orang tu cakap macam ni “I already u know, so many works to do in this company u know, I work here u know, like swimming u know”*. Swimming kuak lentang ke freestyle ke, tak pulak dia nyatakan disini, u know. Macamla orang lain dari pukul  9 pagi to 5.15 petang (office hour yang sebenar-benarnya 8 – 5.15) duduk goyang kaki, u know. *ros, sila istighfar lagi 3 kali*

Ha ha ha. Lagi 3 hari nak start Feb Reporting. *lagi??????*

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