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1st Time In Singapore

1st time in Singapore

Let me start with how I get my passport.
It’s in 2009 & thanks a lot to my boss (X-boss actually), who assigned me for a course held in Singapore. I’ll say I’m afraid because I’ll go alone for 3D2N, some more I never been there, some more, I heard it’s difficult to find Halal food, some more what if the people there can’t understand my English *ke kau yang tak faham????*, some more…..ahhhhhh too many some more to think. But, actually i’m so eager to go. I just can’t wait what I’m going to be, what is going happen to me when I’m there, what I’ll eat, will I starve? Hoh, starving is too much. I’m going to Singapore, a city, not a Hutan Simpan.

I already prepare a picture for my passport. A pretty one, for sure *tangan di bahu mata ke atas*.  1st, have to queue up for document supporting checking (if I’m not mistaken). When reach my turn, the officer said, my picture is not acceptable because it closes my forehead. WTF!

*astaghfirullahhalazim* * sebut 3 kali*. She also suggests to bergambar lagi at the picture booths provided outside the immigration. Oklah. Since it’s already noon, & I need to head back to office, I’ll come back tomorrow.

For tomorrow picture, I manage to prepare myself as nice look as I can. This time I wear a shawl, confirmlah can see my forehead kan. Lepas dah snap tu……HUK ALOH. Ni haku ke? Hape tak rupe haku?

“Bang, silap ni bang. Abang terbagi gambar orang belakang ni. saya tak ngaku ni saya.
“ Dik, ni gambar adikla ni dik. Adik bagi angle dari mana2 pun, tula rupenye.

10 ringgit untuk ghupe cenggitu. membazir!

Touchdown Singapore
Sampai dah. la ni mana ada Foursquare ke facebook ke nak check-in check in. (muka bangga check-in kat overesa). As what been told by my boss,

“U touch down, go collect your luggage, u check from the screen. Then u find cab, many cab there. U told the taxi driver where u stay in Singapore. Very easy. Singapore very convenient.”


This is where I stay.
Picture from google
The room is so nice. So different with the hotel that I’ve been in Malaysia. Very the complete. Itu ini semua ada. Manager hotel, sila bagi komisyen sebab pomot* hotel u.

*pomot = promote. Setiap kali aku baca orang tulis pomot, instead of promote, mesti aku nak gelak guling2. So, berangan2 readers pun tergelak sama*

Ni ada case sikit.

I thought the hotel bill has been guaranteed by SG company since they do the booking. So I don’t have to pay anything when I checked in. I’m so shocked when the front desk officer asking for the deposit of almost $500 which equivalent to 2 nights stay. I only have less than $500 in hand, after minus $25 for the taxi from Changi to Hotel *duit nak makan & shopping* & few hundred RM *nak shopping kat KLIA*. Some more, if I pay the deposit, I’ll have lesser than $50, then I nak makan apa? Nak shopping apa?

With a muka kesian, I told the officer I don’t have such money, if u asking for 1 night deposit, I can pay. The officer said, I have to pay full amount. This is for other things that I might use which will not bear under the company. *weih kalau aku makan kopok tu pun, sampai ke $200? Hati aku dah bergetar2, tangan dah menggigil serupa Parkinson, gabra duit tak cukup*.

With a muka tak malu & with a confident English tone speaking & grammar bersepah sana sini:

“Miss, this is only what I have *showing her the SGD notes balance*, if I pay the deposit for 2 nights, how much money left for me? How I’m going to pay for my other needs for the rest of my stay here? The company didn’t alert me that I have to pay the deposit equivalent to the number of nights stay. If you insist for 2 nights stay, I have to say, I cannot afford, & please, with your kind heart, suggest a cheaper hotel for me”


“let me discuss with my manager”

Seminit – still on the phone
2 minit – still on the phone
3 minit – still

(muka kena confident)

4 minit – masuk dalam bilik belakang
5 minit –
6 minit –

 (muka masih confident)

7 minit, lenggang lenggok officer tu keluar.

“Ok miss, we’ll accept deposit for 1 night.
“thank you.

*yang penting muka confident macam nice lady gitu, jangan buat muka penyangak* 

Ni la bilik i.

mana? eh...belum upload.

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