Sunday, 25 March 2012

Week 10 – 3rd – 4th Mar

Week 6 is the last week we went back to hometown to see Adelea. The weeks have been so long, but the times pass so quickly. Blink blink blink 4 weeks have been pass by.

This week, any reasons & excuses of “tak boleh balik, kerja” are not acceptable because Adelea milk almost out of stock. Everytime we went back hometown, we will restock 4 boxes of Enfalac, which is enough for 4 weeks. Luckily, our monthly earn is just enough to buy 4 boxes every month, then the 4th week we have to go back hometown. If not, if we afford to buy for 1 year stock, there is possibility of – ah…don’t want to say it.

Sometimes, I do envy the housewives. They have the chances to see with their own eyes the child development growth. Can see, when the baby start to roll over for the 1st time, or crawling, or walking or even running. Wahhhh…my imagination. The best part, can breastfeed the baby. Hah! I have lost the opportunity. No point to keep thinking on that.

Adelea can roll over for the 1st time on Feb, 27th. All this while, my mom said, she only manages to turn left or right but not manage to lift up her buttock or head. As usual, after I reach home, I’ll call my mom asking for Adelea development. Still, she can’t. About 20 minutes after that, my mom call, over the phone, her voice sounds like she holds to cry. Slowly, she told me, Adelea already able to roll over for the 1st time. My mom left Adelea at the hall & went to the kitchen to prepare for her bath, took her less than 5 minutes, she went back to the hall & see her already roll over. What a lost, me is not there to watch that. Sobs sobs sobs.

See….such a lost I didn’t see all that. I’m the mother; I should be the 1st person who watches all that. (seboklah nak pertahankan hak sebagai ibu kan, tapi jaganya tidak)


Sometimes, I envy to those who stay together/nearby with their parents, so their parents can help to babysit the baby. 1st time parents like us, it’s very difficult to put trust on babysitter/nursery nowadays. Too many bad cases reported instead of the good one. Too many stupid cases, cases that can be avoided, but the babysitter is too ego to be extra careful. With stupid reason “they have been babysit so many babies, for so many years but none of them died in their custody”. Angkuh kan? Don’t forget, Allah will give test to anyone yang Allah mahu.

I’m a muslim, eventhough not a good 1, but I believe in dosa pahala, syurga neraka, ajal maut & all fates that have been written for us. But, still, I still can’t put trust to strangers to babysit my child. (kan best kalau ada kengkawan yang tinggal berdekatan, surirumah, bersedia menjaga anak---owhhh best best). Since, the hati is still tightly closed to put trust on babysitter/nursery, nak taknak kenalah kerah kudrat mak pak I kat kampung tu, to babysit Adelea kat kampung. Mak pak I dah warning2 manja, “nak ambik, ambik sekarang, nak ambik lambat tak boleh. Nak ambik lambat jugak, jumpa kat mahkamah”.

Tu dia mak pak aku.

Adelea Sofea, mommy & ayah miss u so much.

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