Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Butterflies in the stomach

20th April 2012, Friday

The nervous feeling before something important or stressful is known as butterflies in your stomach.

Phenomenon characterized by the physical sensation of a "fluttery" feeling in the stomach. This sensation can be a physical sensation related to the body's fight or flight response or it can be an ineffable experience related to the psychology of love or nervousness and excitement.
Some believe that this is caused by the release of adrenaline when one is nervous, which pulls blood away from the stomach and sends it to the muscles. This reduced blood flow, in turn, causes the stomach to temporarily shut down, and is possibly the reason for reduced appetite during love sickness.

(Idiom) to be very nervous about something

To feel very nervous, usually about something you are going to do.

From: Ros Flower
Give me any meaning from any source; right now I’m soooo nervous because in less than 3 hours, I’ll have my presentation on the new project my unit recently implemented. The presentation attended by my colleagues from A.Pac country & the big boss, who seldom talk to me (this is the part where I should shine, so he will remember me as “perempuan yang berkilau-oh silau mataku).

When my boss told me about the presentation, I’m a bit enthusiastic, because I believe he starts to have trust on me. I should take this opportunity to prove; at least to him that I’m more than he expected.

Another 1 & half hour.
still practice for the presentation. Shivering.

After another 1 & half hour

free lunch. sanggup tak makan dulu, sebab nak makan bersama2. gatal-ing

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