Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cleaning out my workspace

I have piles of documents that need proper documentation & filing, which I have been delaying since year 2011. I’m just so + ooooo lazy..&..i just hate filing. How I wish Doraemon is here, so that I can ask from him a very sophisticated machine or device that can help me to complete the filing within a blink. Ok too much!

Last Monday & Tuesday, Asan has his “locum”, meaning he’ll be late until 9pm the earliest, meaning I’ll be go off late also until 9.30 pm the earliest. On Monday, I have a very good sleep from 5.30 pm, after most of my colleagues went off, just perfect for me to start the dream *Asan bring me to holiday to London, pay for my shopping & zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*. Sleep on the chair is very body aching, makes me wakes up from the sleep, glance at my Limited Edition Fossil watch *should I write like that or shouldn’t i?*, OH MY! Baru pukul 8! Can the time moves faster? What I did after that? Blog hopping. While blog hopping, I realized that my table become messy from day to day. But, cleaning it out will need more than 1 & 1/ 2 hour, so I’ll do it tomorrow.
This is the tray on the left side of my table. Supposedly, 1st tray for pending task for current month, 2nd tray for pending for filing with updated voucher number, 3rd tray for rough paper.
Right side of my table. Table so full with 2 telephones, which I still thinking the reasonableness of having it. who needs so many telephones? I am an Account Exect, not a Customer Service Exect. Do the customer Service use more than 1 telephone at 1 time? Forget it! My organizer to write down any request from boss & to-do-list. Below the organizer are pieces of documents “pending to filing” but need to update the voucher number before put into 2nd tray.
The cabinet next to my table. So lucky my table is at the end, so I can have this cabinet & put things on it. My colleague on my left, he only have “under table” as the cabinet to put his files. Basically, the file would be the current month file, the papers is on the supportings which can be thrown away but need to sort 1st. & tissue box, sendiri bawa dari rumah to wipe off face.
Inside the cabinet, below partition. Below the Notes file is the MMR from 2011 which I don’t want to file because…ermmmm…lazy.
On top of the Drawer – toilet tissue to wipe off hand, papers on journal ledger, I have filing it, but due to auditors queries, need to take it out, now lazy to put back in the file. Last year calendar (to remind me how many days I skip fasting because of “anak dalam perut lapar”, 1 box of “libresse” for emergency & a motivational book that belong to…ok tak mahu sebut sini.

I start with the tray on the left, then the right side, then the cabinet, on top & inside cabinet. About 1 hour later, I hear my iPhone message tone. When I check the notification, ohhhhhh....
I have honeydew to harvest. Have to harvest 1st, otherwise, the honeydew might get withered. This is from the “Smurf Game” I currently play in my iPhone. Oh, the honeydew is not at the main island, so have to smurf- travel to the 2nd island. Thank you Dreamy Smurf.

See…my honeydew is ready to harvest.
Done harvesting. So what is the next task Papa Smurf?
Eggplant? Ok. For the FISH? Really? Ok. Whatever.
Eggplant that costs smurf-me 21 smurfcoin,but I’ll get in return, 153 XP & 53 smurfcoin for each eggplant in 16 hours. Fair enough.
Thank you coffee bun for not letting me hungry tonight. Oh no! I have more documents in my drawer. Crap!
This is the MMR from year 2011 which I take out from the inside cabinet. Ok, now start the hole punching & filing. Colleague sebelah, I tumpang meja ok.

While busy hole punching, I saw a file from my colleague who sit next to my left colleague.
Should I take a look? No…….ok, syaiton! Shooooo
Move to drawer, ok, finish tidy it up. Wait….
Ok, looks nicer. Can you spot the difference? (clue : pen) ha ha ha ha
The tray. I prepare a file with “pending task” label. See whether it works or not.
On the right & on top of the cabinet. Still 2 telephones. (can I just disconnect the wire/extension & claim it’s not functioning & boss will say, “ok, ros no need 2 telephones. Company will provide you a mobile phone. HELL TO THE NO. It will allowed them to call me on weekend, on the night, on public holiday. Errrr…boss, the connection is work normally, out of sudden). The organizer remains, so do the file for current month & tissue box. The water container has to put there, to remind me, I need to take lot of plain water, everyday. Like 3L, is it correct? Ahhhh, the floss. Can you spot it?
Inside the cabinet. Well documented & named.

Mengemas is soooo fun. Should I help to tidy up other table? Searching . messy . table…..none. *slaps face*

Now I realized, I have a superb “mengemas skill”. Wow, so proud of myself. Should I polish my skill by more tidy up session after this or keep it for another six months. Ermmmm…option 2 sounds nice.

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