Saturday, 28 April 2012

Emak, dau love emak… much

Actually, I plan & wish, not to feed Adelea with instant food such as nestum/biscuit-turn-to-nestum or something similar. I would like her to have real food such as porridge blended with vege & ikan bilis. Forget it!

We need new blender to make the porridge, we have 2 blenders at Asan’s parents house. We get it as our wedding gift. So, we have to decide, we won’t buy new, but we will go back to Asan’s parents house & take 1 of the blender & send it to my parents’ house. That will happen only late May. But, Adelea is turning 6 months-best time for baby to have her 1st solid food-in April. To wait for the late May, and then only give her solid food is impossible, in all way. Well, with a heavy heart I have to give her instant food.

My mom said, she can use spoon to blend the porridge. It’s not difficult, added her. But, my mom is old enough already. She has taken care all her 7 kids + 6 grandchildren (during confinement, during her grandchild was sick, during the maid runaway) now she has to babysit her 7th grandchild. Pity emak.

So, I decide, no need to burden her more with providing food for Adelea. It’s grateful enough when she willing to baby sit Adelea, despite her health condition is not good. Yes, my mother is the ONLY person who willing to babysit Adelea. I don’t blame others. They have their own reason, why not to.

“Thanks Emak, for all your sacrifice, time, energy & loves that you have spent for us. Dau really appreciate it. Dau just don’t know how to show that Dau really appreciate Mak so much. Dau knows that, nothing can compared to what Mak has given to us, to Dau especially & to Adelea. Thank you so much. Love Mak with all my heart” 

Source : taken from here