Monday, 16 April 2012

Gold moments for ‘Aqilah

Congrats ‘Aqilah for the gold medal you won in the Tae Kwon Do competition last Saturday. We, your lovely makcik-makcik are very proud of you. She told us, she doesn’t have enough time to practice, because her school only know about this competition 1 day before. So, she & her sister, Alin only have 1 night to practice. They called it practice? More like a “refresh” for me.

But, poor Alin, she has to withdraw from the competition. She has her 1 leg twisted during that night practice. If Alin still can compete, maybe we will see a “sister fight”, as they representing from different school.

Oklah kan. Memudahkan kerja kitorang. Kalau tak, we all nak sokong sapa? It’s ok Alin. Your gold medal, waiting for you next year.

(Right now, I’m thinking, what if they really met in the match. I can’t imagine, Qila’s leg straight kicking Alin’s head. Eh no. Qila won’t do that for the sake of Gold Medal. She loves her sisters more than she loves herself *tangan di bahu mata di atas*.)

She already know how to “membebel” as early as standard school. When she was 7 @ 8 years old (or maybe 9 - I can’t remember), she scolded her sisters because they want to skip Class Mengaji. She babbling to them “Alin, Yan, cepat siaplah. Pergi mengaji. Ummi dah bayar 100 tau. membazir duit Ummi. Ingat Ummi senang ke cari duit? Ummi kerja malam2 tau. cepat siap. Bla bla bla bla…”

Soalan. Baka sapa ni?

Qila juga pembuat roti bersalut kaya & dorina tersedap didunia. Hehehe. Qila, next jumpa buatkan untuk Makteh lagi ya. hehehehehe

We always call Qila “matang sebelum usia”. Ok, maybe she still can’t think or act like an adult, she’s 15. Her interest is still K-Pop!

Qila, is very skinny girl. What if her opponent is in big size? Ahhhh….small matter la. Qila sure win. Give her any height/weight/age/size, she will beat her opponent. Hard one. ‘Aqilah is a red/black belt now. So don’t play-play ya. She has been joining TKD since age 5. Wow, no wonder winning a gold medal without regular practice like a small challenge to her. Dah sepuluh tahun. Oh my! Patut dah kena bersara ni Qila.

So, during the match, this is what we we do:

 “Go ‘Aqilah go…wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”
“Kepala Qila, kepala tu. C’mon Qila…attack lagi”
“Go Qilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….”

Ya…macam peserta lain takde supporters. Macam Qila je yang dapat gold medal.

Good work Qila. We know that you will not waste the fees, the times & energy & anything that you have contributed for the tae kwon do.

Wife: bang, should we consider sending Adelea to Tae Kwon Do class on her 5th birthday?
Husband: no need. She will be the cheerleader.
Wife :@#$*&^()!?


  1. hahaha... cheerleader indeed!!

    1. berangan adelea jadi cheerleader kejap....hehehe