Sunday, 8 April 2012

In memory of Cik Nab

Cik Nab is my 2nd cat. Not a pretty cat, not fluffy, not even adorable. Cik Nab is a stray cat with high possibility been throw away by her master. There’s no way that she is 1 of the “missing cat”.

I’m a cat hater before Cik Nab came to our family. My 1st cat is a female cat, i named her “Stella Bozek”. I can’t remember, how did I find the name. I can’t remember what TV movie I watched that influenced me to name my cat with that name. Later, she gave birth to 3 cute kittens, my younger sister, my youngest brother & I take 1 each. I can’t remember what my brother & 1 give name to our new cute kitten, but my sister give name “goldeneye”. That time, you know, James Bond time. But, but but, but…., due to our “not-enough-money-to-feed-ourselves-now-want-to-feed-another-4-cats-?. Ok…now, you can start to conclude “what’s next” to those cats’s life. Start from that, I just hate cats.

Cik Nab came to our family at the right timing. I was in Uitm, my sister & brother staying in school hostel. The house so quite with only my parents there. My parents 1st intention is not to pet her, just give her food, if only she was around & have balance for the food. You know cat, she will come back, if she knows there’s food. Then, I give ideas to my parents, I want to have her, please just let her stay. (Stella Bozek, if only u come this time..sobs sobs)

Cik Nab got boyfriend also. I always wonder why she always not finishes her food, always left at least half. Then later I saw, a male cat (of course la male, muka tak ayu langsung), will come & finish the food. Now I know, who was the father of Cik Nab babies! (Male Cat-Don’t play-play with my cat! I’m watching you**my 2 fingers pointing to your 2 eyes**)

Cik Nab have babies. Of course! What do you expect from a female cat & have boyfriend? Family planning? She live with no rules, she just go whenever she wants to go, only come back when she hungry @ whenever she wants @ more precisely, whenever she get pregnant! I don’t give name to her kitten, no idea.

After pregnant, Cik Nab back to her normal life. (Macam orang tak beranak kecil-ni kata my mom dululah masa I dalam confinement. Jalan laju2, dalam pantang keluar malam2). Her kitten, my parents la kena baby sit (untungla ada orang jaga anak kau for FREE). I will take turn to take care of her kitten, when I back from Uitm.

Cik Nab always sleep outside. Easy for her to go to to pee-pee or poo-poo, if not, she might just do it in the house. She’s not been trained to go to the kitchen or toilet, not even we provide the sand for her. So, a box with few pieces of “kain buruk” is provided outside the house to keep her hot. But, during night, we take her kittens inside, because we afraid they will be eaten by other cats/dogs. (Yes, my kampung got dog, pet 1, not stray dog-huh).

At night, when she came back from “clubbing” (where have you been? Hard Rock CafĂ©? Heheheheh), she will always want to sleep with her kittens. I know your feelings Cik Nab, I’m a mother now. (Sure Kak Ya kata “Makteh yang pelik, memahami kucing”). Then, she will knock the door with her head (I guess la. If by hand not that loud). She will knock & knock & knock, until my mothers shout to me “WAKE UP & GO OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOUR CAT. YOU SO STUBBORN WANT TO KEEP HER KITTEN INSIDE. YOU WAKE UP NOWWWWWWW”

Ok, maybe, not that bad, but just read it with very loud voice. Hehehehehe

So now, pecah tembelang. “We take her kitten inside, because we afraid they will be eaten by other cats/dogs” is actually “I take her kittens inside, because, i afraid they will be eaten by other cats/dogs”. I don’t want to loose them again; I really want to take care of them. All of them.

1 weekend, I went back from Uitm, I got a sad news. The kitten was missing. Not sure being eaten or Cik Nab take her kitten somewhere else. (Why Cik Nab? You got new box coated with gold is it?). no other reasons. Because, if my parents want to throw them, they will throw Cik Nab also. But, Cik Nab still here.

Cik Nab look very sad. (really, eh?) ok, maybe I have gone too far. But, I just have this feeling, like she really sad because her kitten went missing (or being eaten). So I think, I want to buy her something that will makes her happy (ok, really have gone too far-Kak Lang is loughing now, gelak guling2 punya). I bought her a packet of Whiskas. Yeay!!! I have this feeling that she will feel so touched, because her master is so concerned about her sorrow, she will eat the whiskas while remembering her loosing kittens, she will thank me so much, & she promised me “Dear master, I promised you, I’ll give you more kittens”. Gulp!

But……………….when I back home that weekend (I went back almost every weekend), Cik Nab is not home. My father said, she has been missing for 2 @ 3 days. Then? Who’s gonna eat this 1 pack of whiskas? Who?

The pack of whiskas that I bought is still there, unopened for few months. I don’t let my parents throw it, maybe Cik Nab will come back. Maybe, who knows right.

But, she didn’t come back. She already old, maybe, she already left this world.

Footnote : the basic story of Cik Nab is so true, but it’s edited everytime I told to different person. HAHAHAHAHA. don’t blame me lah. How can I remember the full real story on what had happened. If my memory is so good, I already a top student in my class in Harvard University, hokeh!

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