Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Touched by movie

Week 15 – 7th – 8th March 2012

Sometimes, it’s right. Worst, I can dream about that movie with a little bit edited, my dream/nightmare version. (Tak puas hati dengan ending, bawak ke mimpi la, bikin ending sendiri).

Hindi movie, Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham, I watch this movie with my other friends at my X-Warden hostel. Saja suka2 visit, after a few months we enrol to UiTM. The storyline really touched my heart & at 1 scene, I start to cry like a kid being beaten. My warden, who already falls asleep, awakened from her sleep, because she heard me crying. She said, she tought a “hantu” is crying behind her. Make her scared.

Armageddon is another movie that makes me cry. That was when I still studying at KYPM KL. I still crying eventhough after the movie. The scene that the father willingly to be left behind & dead, that scene make me burst out crying. I cannot hold my tears, eventhough after the movie. Then my roommate said “dahla Ros, movie ja”. Depa semua nak tidur, tapi I asyik teresak-esak, kesat hingus. Annoying sangat!

I stay with Along few years back. (Saja nak ngabihkan boreh rumah along). Her house area can watch Indonesia & Singapore channel. Everyday, together with my nephews & niece, we will watch 1 ghost movie from Indonesia. It’s a series drama, with different episode everyday. Actually, we all not very brave, everytime the scene is about to show the ghost, we will close our eyes & will scream like we have no neighbours. Begitu kurang sopan. But, we never stop. We have set ourself, everyday, same time, same place (depan TV), we will watch that movie.

I still remember, there is 1 weekend, all of us went back to hometown. That time, not sure who bring back the 4bia DVD. It’s a Thailand movie full of black magic/spell & superstitious. All of us have taken the best port to watch & ready to see the ghost come out. All of us keep on screming until the end of movie. But…it has not stopped there, the next morning, we continue with 5bia. But me, serik sudah, so I tak tengok.

There is 1 movie, which we bought from astrofirst package. RM15 for 48 hours. This movie really worth the money, because we keep on watch it until the end of 48 hours. Somehow, we keep missed the 1st ½ hour of the movie, but we still watch the movie until the end & willing to wait for another ½ hour to watch the movie again. Eventhough we have watch the funny scene few times, we even know what funny next or what funny scripts next, we still laughing like that were our 1st time. The movie is Hantu Kak Limah Balik Kampung.

Last week movie that I watched with my husband & his 2 cousins really make me pissed off. The movie is good, but I just cannot accept the content. It’s about a reality game that is compulsory to enter & the participant has to kill each other to survive. The people/organizers are cheering on the participants dead. For the organizer/the people, it’s a tradition. Killing people & be the sole survivor shows the dignity. But for the participant, they have no choice, but to enter the game, killing when you get opportunity to kill or you will be killed.

You just imagine, you know that you going to die, few days live in horror, calculating the time whether you can be survived or not. Paranoia to the surrounding, scare the other participants are nearer to kill you. For me, it is such a ridiculous & nonsense. Really mediaval & narrow minded.

See…..the movie still roaming around my head. Still touched & angry. How la to throw away all the bad scenes from the movie. some more, it really a waste of RM12 X 2. Can use the money to buy McDonald.

whatever it is, it is somebody work/artistic which we supposed to respect. creative masing2 la kan. tengok sudah. all this kind of art, we should have some respect. nak cakap "against the piracy" sebenarnya. erk!

Together, let's move to a better world