Friday, 27 April 2012

We went to Melaka Zoo

That’s it. Last week I went with my husband, my 6 months old daughter & my parents to the Melaka Zoo. We have not went back to hometown about more than 1 month, so we decide, this week we going to have a family outing, to have back the feeling of “the joy of pushingthe stroller” that almost faded now. Since my father health condition is not so good, so we will go to a place as near as possible, so that he will agree to follow.

Of course, while there, I took many photos (many of it are blurry) of animals that I know & I never know before. Although many of it I have known, but animals that I never saw in in real life also quite a numbers.

We can say that, Zoo is a place of animals where we can see & learn on their behaviour, how they move, how they behave in reality, what is their survival strategy, how they make sounds & communicates & so on, especially the wildlife animals that definitely have possibilities of harming the human (& treat us as their dinner) if we just enter the forest to look at them closely.

     “We have National Geographic that shows about the animal’s habitat, behaviour, what they eat, how they survive & so on. Watching them on TV is easier & well-learns because what we only do is sitting on the sofa, munch the titbit, hear carefully what the TV host is saying (or read the subtitle you wanna say?) & at the end of the stories, you have learnt something new. Some more, you no need to apply sun block lotion onto your face”.

I say this to myself before we went there. It’s so true for me until I saw the Giraffe. I know giraffe is tall, but I never imagine, they are so tall. Their muscles also look so strong &….Subhanallah. I just adore God creation. Another 1 that surprised me in terms of their size is elephants. I thought their size will be smaller, but they not. I saw 2 elephants doing “animal-thing” also. *look at them twice*.

"Hello tiny people" says the giraffe
So you think I'm big, aren't you?
Thus, watching Nat Geo is a thing, but saw them in real life is another interest things. We know giraffe is taller than elephant, & elephant is fatter compared to giraffe. But, we won’t know how tall is a giraffe or how big an elephant is until we saw them for real. So, I believe, learning is not about sitting comfily on your sofa. So, people. Lift up your lazy ass, & let’s go the Zoo.

     “Environment in Zoos is artificial. All the animals are fed; they no need to go for hunting. To be precise, they have lost their instinct to hunt. You won’t see a tiger chasing a mouse-deer, or you can’t see a mouse-deer running try to save itself from being eaten by a tiger. If you want to see that, watch Nat Geo”

Again, this feeling. Huh!

But, it’s looks almost true. When I reach at the tigers, yes, they look so strong. But almost of them is sleeping. There is 1 tiger, relaxing in water, looking at the visitors with “lack-of-appetite” look. I’m a bit disappointed here.
What day is today?
Hunting for food is sooooo 2000!
My husband said this “Animals live in this zoo really have a blessed life. No need to hunt, always have food for them”
I replied “yes, but in return they lost their freedom”

I heard before, keeping animals in cages is unethical. We can’t use them for profit. But, if Zoo does not exist, we will have no chance at all to see the wildlife animal in reality.


Really, I don’t have a firm opinion on this. I hope, the animals in the Zoo having a happy life, & please, human with brain, do not abuse animals. (Eh, do not abuse human too).

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