Monday, 30 April 2012

Who’s birthday?

Few days ago, we got a birthday party invitation from my husband’s cousin for their son & daughter, age 4 & 2. (The party was yesterday). So, buy birthday present is now added in my to-do-list. Actually, i have difficulties on buying gift for others, because it’s something that I rarely do, exceptional to my husband.

(He’s a must; because he’s the only human being in this world who still gives me birthday presents until now).
Seriously, this is 1 of difficult to-do-list, because I don’t know what those kids like.

Normally, I’ll buy presents based on what I like, rather than that person who’s gonna get my present like. Simply because, it’s easier to find in stores what I like because I know what I like. Eventhough, that person not very likes what I like, but I know I have given something that is valuable, at least to my eye. *I know I’m a good person* *blushing*

So, on Saturday, the gifts hunting begin, but, the discussion on what to buy has start earlier actually, as earlier as the day we got the invitation. In fact, the discussion is still “a going on” during the buying process.

Should we buy this? or that?
reminder from the wife : check the price 1st before you touch anything

You so many "things". You choose yourself. I'll check another section.

I told you, it’s difficult to buy a gift despite many choices provided in the store. My criteria are easy. Something that has usage, unique, nice looking, suitable to age, can be remembered, long lasting (& the list go on), but at veryyyyyy affordable price & It seems like nothing in this store fulfilled my criteria. *Big Sigh*
(Inventor…can you come up with something like my criteria?)

Finally, we find one, something that have almost of my criteria. *smiling*

(My anak2 saudara, don’t be jealous ya. Eventhough, I rarely buy for you all, but, all my love is for you. That’s more valuable *escape*)

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