Wednesday, 2 May 2012

1 happy morning

*please don’t throw up after you read this*

On what morning is that? It’s Labour Day-1st May.

I’m busy choosing clothes to office. (Don’t read twice, it’s not a typo error. It’s really read as OFFICE, continue reading).  Don’t be surprised. I bet, I’m not the only one who works on Labour Day. I celebrate Labour Day by working!

So, back to choosing clothes, while busy checking from 1 piece to another, until the end of the array, I saw something. (A gift? Noooooo). I saw my old Mango pant that I have not wearing it since I’m pregnant. I can’t fit into it after giving birth, even after 2 months of confinement.

After pregnant, I can only fit into size 8 & equivalent. Size 8 meaning equivalent to size 40 (if I’m not mistaken). The pant is size 34, equivalent to size 2. Size 2 you olls! What size 2 is doing on my rack? Why I keep it? It should be miles away from me. Thousand miles away.

I look at the pant, the pant look at me & say “cuba pakai saya”.

To my surprised! I can fit it in! I can fit it in! I can fit it in! I CAN FIT IT INNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! (That's what my heart yelled!)

My husband is in the bathroom, I knock the door, force him to come out & see what my body has achieved today.

He : What ?
She : see . I can fit into this pant. It’s size 2 Darl. Don’t you see it?
He: *blur looks* I see my money is safe few hundreds ringgit from buying you a new pant.

AND he closed the door.

Wrong answer brother!

A happy morning but I have no one to celebrate it. FINE!

From the bathroom, I hear someone shouting “baru anak 1, yang. I’m giving you more. Tunggu anak 3, 8….

Tutup telinga.

Actually, I already can fit into my old pants size 4. I don’t take any supplement diet, or wearing girdle or restrain myself from eating. I live a normal life, but what I did is…………..

Ok, next time ya. Because, I decide, I’ll only “story-telling” what I did if only it shows result. For the time being, have fun watching my mango pant size 2. Keep on envy on me. YEAH!
love u million lemon for making my day
so happy until my "never-polish" drawing skill jump out