Friday, 11 May 2012

Bad effects of skipping meals

My sister told me this,
“badan kita ada sistem yang akan memproses makanan yang masuk dalam badan kita. Bila kita menahan lapar, takda makanan masuk, maka takda apa yang sistem ni akan proses. Jadi, sistem akan ingat kita ni tengah kebuluran. Bila sistem dah fikir macam ni, next makanan yang masuk dalam badan kita, akan ditukarkan kepada lebih lemak daripada tenaga sebab untuk elakkan kita kebuluran. Jadi, sebenarnya, lagi kita tak makan lagi banyak lemak dalam badan kita dari tenaga. So, tau sekarang kenapa orang2 yang diet tak makan, tak kurus-kurus?”

Make sense?

This is what commonly being practice by those who are in diet process, with hope, this method will help them to lose weight. I did some readings on few related articles. To my surprise, skipping meals not always a helpful method to lose weight, instead, it will lead to more weight gain & may expose ourselves to undesirable health condition. Ever think how did this happen?

1) more FAT storage in our body 
When our body go without food for too long, our body system will mistakenly think that, we are starving. To protect us from starving, it will convert our next meals into fat & store it in our body. So now, you see that, by skipping meals, we think we are taking lesser food but in fact we allowing our body system to store more fat, which will lead to weight gain.

2) metabolism rate falls down
Our body system will start to conserve energy to protect us from starving. This will cause our metabolism rate falls down to crawl, which means it will not burn off fat as quickly as it normally & properly fed. As a result, it becomes more difficult for us to lose weight.

3) daily performance weakening
We need energy for maintaining certain function of our body, & do you know where this energy coming from? it's from the food we take in, as our body system will convert it into energy. If we cut the amount of foods we take in, this might affect our daily performance weakening. We tend to get dizziness, headache, dehydration & other unhealthy consequences that might affect our body badly, be it in short term or long term. We may lose focus easily, & I believe it will affect our job performance also.

Thus, from today, if you think you going to skip meals because of “I’m-very-busy or “I-don’t-have-time-to-eat” situation, think again. Think about the consequences that your body may suffer from it.

Skipping breakfast causing bad breath
Normally, breakfast is the meals that we tend to skip due to lack of time or busy or maybe because you blindly believe, your body cannot accept food early in the morning. Believe it or not, skip breakfast may cause of bad breath. How?
When we are sleeping, our brain will automatically get signal that we will not be eating for longer time. Our brain will slow down the production of saliva & this is good news to bacteria as they will start to reproduce in our mouth & will generate the unpleasant smells. When you wake up, as soon as you have your breakfast, the salivary glands will start working & provide more oxygen consequently produce more saliva. Remember. Rich saliva production drives away morning bad breath.

my practice of taking meals
1) During pregnancy, I take meals frequently, like 6 – 7 times daily. But, not because I realized it will help to increase my metabolism, but because, I always feel hungry. & I know, it’s not good for expectant mothers to let themselves starving because it will affect the foetus & may cause to stillbirth. But now, realizing this, now I know why I’m not gaining so much weight during my last pregnancy (If everything’s going well). Because, as much as I take in food (regardless of healthy food or not), that’s much my body system will burn out the fat.

2) After pregnancy, I continue the eating habit, but lesser frequency like 4 -5 times daily. I’ll take more milo to keep fit & caffeine to stay awake & focus.

3) I don’t exercise much, but I always do house chores (eventhough my husband help a lot). I believe, house chores can help us to slim down. My x-colleague did it. From very fat after confinement & back to her shape in less than about 4 months. She said, she just keeps herself busy with house chores & taking care her kids. Another thing she always does is, she will drink tea, everytime after meals. This is to burn fat, she said. No need slimming tea, because it will disturb our digestion system. Normal tea like Lipton or Boh is sufficed. You may try. I did & it really works in very amazing way.

4) apply slimming cream or lotion. This might have little impact or no impact at all to certain people. But, it helps me a lot, eventhough very slowwwwww way. After giving birth, my tummy looks like a small balloon with the air is dispersing out & it looks soooo ugly. Every morning (when I have time or I remember), I’ll apply the slimming cream to tighten back my tummy. I don’t know how it really works, but it really shows very good result. From size 8 pant, to size 4, & now I can fit into size 2. Eventhough, I still don’t get an ideal shape, but it really shows positive result.

5) After I have read all these, I realized what I did before is not wrong. I believe we should eat whatever we think we want to eat-in moderate-but still we can keep our body fit & healthy. do you ever see someone who "eat a lot" but still very slim? need to think, just say yes!

Going to gym is luxury to me now, so walking is my complement to exercise. Some more, when I think back the days I used to go to gym (because I think exercise can help me slimming down), it’s not worth at all. Not  the gym is not good, but after the 2 hours exercise, I’ll feel extraordinary hungry, & without conscious I’ll order Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng & Tea Ice. I said, this is to reward myself after 2 hours on treadmill & yoga. This is wrong, not the gym.

6) to be continued.

attention** this all from my reading in the net, which i believe is true. if you found this is not true, kindly link to me, so that i can read & do some research. i know there is research saying that our body system will only think we are starving for a very longer period like 3 - 4 days, not by only skipping 1 meal. my reading not done here, will update more & more for the beneficial of all of us.**

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