Thursday, 17 May 2012

crazy!! on this song

Astrid - Tentang Rasa

I listened to this song from the radio, & have listened to it quite for a long time ago, but never really paid attention. When the song keeps on played by Radio DJ, I fall in love with this song, eventually. Eventhough, I haven’t listen the full song. Everytime I catch this song in the radio, it’s already half track, but, still it attracts me, magically.

So, everytime this song played on the radio, I’ll paid attention to the lyric, & listen carefully if the DJ will mention again the singer or the song title. For what? Watch at Youtube la babe. But, somehow, the DJ did not say anything about the song after it has fully played. Gosh!

Remember I have 1 Chinese colleague who loves listening to all genre of music in any language?

(His favourite song currently is Anak kampung by Jimmy Palikat. Youtube cepat. Go!).

I ask him if he knows this song. I try to humming a bit, & he said he never listens. (Maybe I was humming out of tune).

He suggests to find about the song by its lyric. And, the only lyric byte that I can remember is “dapatkah selamanya kita bersama”. I try my luck, & I got it! weeeeehuuuuuuuuuu!

When I Google more about this song, only I realized this is the soundtrack for Vanilla Coklat, a famous Malay drama (I can say). Kind of drama that “people-who-are-in-love” like about. Living in a fairytale, come from rich parents, loved by someone who is good-looking, get whatever you want….ah semualah!

Whatever it is, I already fall in love with this song. Like always, I’ll listen to this song every day, repetitiously. So far, it never gets me bored.

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