Thursday, 24 May 2012

Health Screening Test

5th-6th May’12
I had 2 body checks up session this month, & both are free. Yaaa…I just loooveeee “free”things. Who don’t?

1st I had it at Aeon BT, we enter the building through the escalator heading to Padini Concept Store & walked to the entrance (while my eyes were busy glancing at the pretty clothes hanging in the store). The check up is held by BP Healthcare Group & was held outside the store main entrance. Since it’s free, I just cannot ignore it & urge Asan to do the test together. He refuses, because lot of people is queuing for the test.

“Many people are queuing. Later, the people queuing behind you will know your test result, your weight, your cholesterol level, your fat & so on. You still want to do the test?”

Asan tries to frighten me & I hate it, because it’s work. (Damn! Why I’m so concern people will know about my weight)

But, it just proof that, I’m not the only person who likes “FREE” very much.

But, we still do the test actually. After we sold Asan’s old X-Box, we went back to that event, & lucky us, no people queuing AT ALL. So, we quickly register our name & do the test. The result shows almost everything is average, except for my body water level which not very serious yet.

Health screening test organized by my company, May 8th, 2012.

It’s held on working day. The test requires us to fasting for at least 2 hours before we go for the test. So, I didn’t take breakfast that morning. I thought it will be just nice, 9 am sharp & I’ll be the 1st person who submit the form. But *feeling want to cry*, when I reach the registration counter, there already lot of other staffs queuing. My session only completed about 11.30 am. (OMG, does my body system already think that I’m starving???)
Please ignore the mystery figure
Looks like i'm laughing, but not.
1) BMI = normal range
*I wish I am underweight…Eh…I don’t care about weight, I care about shape. How many times should I remind myself???*
2) Waist Circumference = below 80cm.
*definitely laaaa*
3) Blood Pressure = Normal – Pra-hypertension.
* The consultant said “a bit..a little bit low”*
4) Urinalysis = Not doing
*because my period just stop few days back*
5) Random of Blood Glucose = < 5.6  LOW PROFITABILITY OF DIABETES
6) Random Blood Total Cholesterol = Borderline High Risk

1) Take less seafood, santan (coconut milk), red meat & yolk
2) Avoid oily food
3) Drink 2 litres/ 8 glasses of plain water per day
4) Take more vege; recommendation on bitter gourd
5) Take more fruits; recommendation on apple, jambu
6) Take more oats & food with omega

So far, I haven’t practice most of it. Except, I bought a small bitter gourd & make “bitter gourd omelette”. In my previous company, if I have to work late, I’ll get meal allowance & I always order plain rice with Bitter Gourd omelette. The taste is quite ok. To my surprise, Asan likes it also. So, from now onwards, Bitter Gourd Omelette will be our normal meals. *happy*


  1. bitter gourd tu bukan peria katak ke?pergh,ko makan pahit2 camtu?aku memang tolak la..hehe

    1. yang aku beli masa last company tu, tak pahit sangat, tapi masih terasa pahit tapi still pahit yang boleh diterima akal..hehe..

      aku tau memang pahit, so aku cheat sikitla...aku boil dulu, agak2 5 miinit aku tossed baru aku buat omelette. so tak pahit sangat...hehehe...sikit2lah...benda2 healthy mana sedap, kau cuba try, beli kecik je..kot2 rasa tak boleh telan jugak, at least tak membazir sangat klu nak buang...

      bitter gourd yg kecik tu pun aku potong suku jadi besar macam bawang kecil yg selalu letak dalam omelette tu..ha sikit je kan..dah la sikit, pahit pun dah tak pahit....try tau try tau....hahahahah