Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hello world! Meet Ros the plumber

Ooohhhh…feeling so excited when writing this. We will always feel happy & overjoy on something that we have successfully achieved. Eventhough on very very very very easy peasy things, as easy as plumbing job.

Yes! I just fix the washing machine hose & attach it to the pipe. Successfully! Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuu!
it doesn't need you to attend course to repair this
Few years ago, I read an article about polygamy. This husband said, he no needs 4 wives, because his one & only wife right now, equivalent to 4 wives. He added “my wife is 4 in 1”.

Then I said this to my eldest sister (that time, I was staying with her) “Along, you are not 4 in 1. You are more than that. You fix the pipe, you are 5 in 1. Then you teach your kids at home like a tuition teacher, you are 6 in 1. Then you are the chef at home, you are 7 in 1……..bla bla bla….& the list go on. Until 1 point, I’m not really remembered she has reach to what number. So, I’ll easily count at any numbers.

I think, other than become an excellent student, score A+ & so on, we should know a little bit about daily living skills, such as this plumbing thing. It’s really true. We can’t just calling the plumber, then sit waiting for the plumber to come, then we pay few hundreds ringgit for that.

*Husband, please pay wife few hundreds ringgit for this*

I’m going to learn more, & more about all this kind of skills. I just don’t know what, but sure I’ll. I’m so determined!


  1. hahaha... i'm getting older and dah tak larat.. i think most of the numbers now gone from me and may be i'm left with a few skills only... the only numbers added is my age... :)

    anyway, if you really want to know, all the things that i did, it gives me great satisfaction because i always do things for ME...

    1. takpe...pada dau, along masih 63 dalam 1....hehehe...(adelea,mummy dah bodek ibu siap2)

      tapi, betullah...happynya dapat betulkan paip sendiri, lagi gembira dari happy bila tukang paip betulkan...terasa macam "wow geniusnya".....hehe