Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I had this conversation with “someone”, we talk about the language I use for my blog. This conversation is in malay, & I translate it to English. (don’t ask who is someone?)

Someone: ros, you….speak in English with your husband all the time ya?
Some-me: no lah…in malay lah.
Some-me: What makes you think like thatttt?
Someone: your blog….most of the conversation between you & your husband is in English.
Some-me: hehe…I translate it.
Someone: it’s quite misleading, you know. Don’t u realize it?
Some-me: nooooo….is it wrong?
Someone: yes. Because the reader might imply that u speak in English with your husband, but you are not.
Some-me: erk…..
Someone: you should use malay for the conversation.
Someone: otherwise, people might think you are lying.
Someone: you are not implying the real you in your writing
Someone: because, sometimes people judge people based on the writing.
Someone: from the writing, people will know what kind of people you are.

Really? Should I listen to this guy? Or, should I change topic?

Someone: no heart feeling.

Someone: Somemore, your English is "tunggang-terbalik"

ya aku tau...& i'm in the middle of improving my English, mister.....

Someone: I just tell you what I think.
Someone: u can take it or ignore it.
Some-me: no no no…thank you for that.
Some-me: but…what if I’m a Chinese, my husband is a Chinese also. & we speak in mandarin. So, should I write in mandarin also?

Haaaa….sila jawab MR.CORRECT-YOUR-BLOG.

Someone: it’s different.
Some-me: & what’s the difference?
Someone: you don’t get what I mean.
Someone: you cannot accept my advice
Someone: look…sometimes you should consider what your reader opinion.

Didn’t you say “you can take it or ignore it”.

Some-me: that’s what I’m doing now. Considering your opinion by asking what’s the difference if my husband & I speak in mandarin.
Some-me: I can’t simply take someone advise & apply it without knowing the reason of it.
Someone: up to you. ok, I have works to do.

End of conversation.

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