Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The peach wedges

I bought a pair of shoe for myself last few days ago, the old pair already too damaged to wear. The heels site already off, & everytime I walk, the “shoe tap” sounds get louder & louder. It’s slippery some more.
This time I bought a wedges shoe, peach in colour & I like it very much because it’s sooo effortless to match with my clothes. (hehe….eko-no-money).

Everytime……yes everytime, I voice out to buy a new shoe, this old same husband-wife conversation will take place.

Wife: I think I need a new shoe. What I have now is too damaged.
Husband: but, you just bought a new shoe.
Wife: its few monthsssss ago.
Husband: months? Look at my shoe. See see…. (Pointing at his Nike slipper that he bought at Bali few YEARS ago). It’s YEARS. YEARS OK.
Wife: you wear it occasionally, while I wear the same shoe to office, market, anywhere & everywhere & everyday. This is the only shoe that I have. Not like you. You have few & all from quality brand.
Husband: you have 3 pair of shoes at home that you never wear at all since we get married…bla bla bla bla…and now all covered with dust…bla bla bla bla…everytime I ask u…bla bla bla bla bla…

& the nagging occasion continues…….

Ok, 1st attempt is failed. So, I’ll just wait the “next best time” to bring out this “I need a new shoe” issue again. That time, the nagging tape sure will replay, but never mind. With a little twist, sure I’ll get the shoe that I want. Be patient.

Well….wife knows her husband best, right?

Eh….stop……I pay for my shoe ya, he just give the green signal.

Adelea 1st shoe
I took a picture & MMS to my siblings, joking that the shoe is from Charles & Keith. & they just know how to pretend they believe on what I say. That's the beauty in our relationship. Love u all kakak2 & adik2.


  1. X matching la mummy.. Adelea wants in purple.

    1. putih senang matching semua baju...hehe