Monday, 18 June 2012

above the sea

We decided, this coming trip to Penang, we MUST take a ride on Penang Ferry to Penang Island, instead of by Penang Bridge. We won’t know when we will set foot again in Penang, so we must use this opportunity to the best. Do you know that, Penang Ferry has been operated since 1920? I don’t know *lifting shoulder*..….i just know it when I want to write about this. It’s almost 100 years now. Meaning….our trip to Penang Island by ferry few weekends back is one of the remarkable moments….to us. Happy………

(berlebih-lebih. Hehe)

I’m nervous actually, thinking about being in the ferry. 15 minutes journey, pfftt…anything can happen within the 15 minutes. What if………ahhhhh, don’t care!

After my BIL akad nikah, we take a move to ferry terminal. Since I’m not the one who drive, so, I’m not really sure where the terminal location is, what I heard from the guys (Asan,his cousin & his uncle) is “butterworth, terminal, left, right, take the road under the flyover u silly, u-turnnnnn”, then we already reached the terminal. Me busy holding Adelea. She’s so excited looking the view outside the window from inside the car. She rarely has this kind of chances, so let her enjoy it while she can.

Reaching the terminal, the nervous feeling is building up.


Yes…I’m getting 29 years old this coming September & I don’t know how to swim.

I’m scared….so so so so scared, but here I am inside the ferry. Feeling so nervous & just pray we have a safe journey *cross fingers*. This whole ferry thing makes me insane. I pray, all of us will landed safely at Penang Island. 5 minutes inside the ferry, already feel like 5 hours. Crazy.

So….the 15 minutes journey was spent looking at the nice view from inside the Ferry. And…. We take some pictures too. Not really a nice picture, because we didn’t bring our DSLR.

I feel so relieved when we drive out from the ferry. Thanks Allah.
I feel like want to kiss the ground.

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