Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happy Father’s Day

This might be cliché. My father is the best father to us, his kids.

Since we were small, we never practice to celebrate important days such as this Father’s Day. The birthday wish, that I blog about, we start it when all of us have grown up & the wishes is among my siblings only, my parents are not included. I remember, I was scolded by my parents because I spent RM3 to buy birthday cakes with my classmate who also celebrates the same birtdate with me. But, since many many many years ago, my father (which all of us including the son-in-law, called him “Odin”, is the one who remind me “Father’s Day is coming" @ “Mother’s Day is coming”. I remember on 2 dates that my father phones me, to wish:

1) my birthday – I was in the UiTM library, then my mobile rings, shows the caller “home”. I pick it up, and then I heard Odin’s voice over the phone. He said “Selamat Hari Jadi”, then he hang up, without me able to reply Thank You. I just don’t know what to do, I didn’t call him back. I just ignore it.

2) Father’s Day – I don’t really remember when. That day, I received a phone call from “home”. I pick it up, & heard Odin say,

Odin : us, selamat hari bapa
Me: *laugh*patutnya, dau la cakap dekat Din.
Odin: *laugh louder*…tau pun….

And then, he hang up. I didn’t call back.

I used to believe, it is such a waste celebrating the Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day & all, because everyday is Father’s Day, everyday is Mother’s Day. We should remember & appreciate all the people around us, everyday.

But I was wrong. Because, I always forgot important people around me when I got new people attached to me. Like last time, when I got a “husband”, I almost forgot about my parents. & now, I got a “baby”, I almost forgot about my husband.

So, I decided, I will celebrate all the important days, appreciate all the important people around me, before it’s too late. Thank you to the one who create all these costly dates, without it, i might just ignore all the important people around me.

Last father’s day, late night I give a call to my parents. I’m not dare to speak to Odin, I talk to Emak, but I only ask her, who else has wished him “Happy Father’s Day”? Still, I didn’t wish Din.

Din must be very very very broken-hearted. Why I don’t just wish him, and then quickly hang up.

For Asan, I text him.

When he received my text, he was on the couch, watching TV, & me at the kitchen, preparing the breakfast, under the same roof. I just don't know how to wish him verbally. 5 minutes after the "text", i ask him,

me: what drinks you want for breakfast?
Asan: Tea 'O'.

As I never text him, & he never received my text.

Ok…don’t blame me. I’m soooo not used to this kind of tradition.


  1. selamat hari ayah...untuk ayah ros dn en asan...hehe...

    1. ok...tolong jawabkan...terima kasih.....hehehe