Friday, 29 June 2012

I made the rules…..

you abide! Hehe

Last night, Asan being a lovely husband, he brought me for dinner at my favourite Char Kuey Teow (that was after few times I asking him to bring me there and he simply rejected). Having dinner outside, simply meaning, I no need to visit the kitchen. Weeehoooooo…….

It also means that, when we go back home; with stomach fully loaded of a plate of CKT & Teh Tarik (Thank God), I can straight away landing on the 3-seater sofa, grab the remote & switched on the TV. Landing on the couch/sofa/bed after all the hectic day at work, and forgot about everything until the next morning ~or afternoon~, was something that I really love to do, but never got the chance of doing so, since I get married. I missed the time before married so so so so badly.

The 3-seater sofa is for Asan, mine is 2-seater. So unfair right? Reason being, he’s taller than me, so he needs a longer sofa. Since I’m shorter than him, 2-seater is adequate for me. He made that rule, and I’m not really check what is his reference. Probably from a book title “man has more power than woman” published in medieval era. Ancient!

But, I kesian him a lot. I don’t have the heart seeing him bending his 2 legs, while me resting comfortably. Ooopppsss…not kesian, but sayang…..hehe

I made that rule. Instead of say “kesian”, replace it with “sayang”. That’s sounds nicer & makes the heart blossomed. We are not a romantic couple, I can count how many he says “I love you”, in 1 year. Maybe 2% out of 365 days. So tragic! My fingers are more. What a terrible husband, but, trust me, I love him more than 365 days a year.

Earlier, when I ask him “why he bought me a handbag” or “why he pays 1st the iPhone for me” or “why he brings me to the mall to buy shoe or shoes” or “why he brings me to the luxury restaurant”. His answer will be “kesian tengok handbag awak dah tak serupa bag” or “kesian tengok awak asyik main game kat iPhone saya (or he actually don’t want me hold his iPhone too often?)” or “kesian tengok awak jalan bunyi-bunyi” or “sebab harini saya rasa nak makan makanan berperisa”. I’m so offended with the last answer!

We have other rules but never obeyed until the one who made the rules turned into a hungry tiger!

~Collect your own hair! I just swept the floor! – replied with – you saw it, so please help to collect it~
~Wash your own plate! I have cook! – replied with – I have swept the floor~
~Wear your slipper! I just swept the floor! – replied with – bring the slipper to me laaaa!~
~Switched off the light! Everytime you forgot, you’ll be fined RM2 per minute until you switched off the light! – replied with – I’m not finish yet, I’ll go in again!~

You can guess whose ideas it was, just guess who says which line. Hehe….

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