Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Wrong man
What are you going to do if you have to get married to someone you do not love? Truly, if that question was for me, I will keep on crying for the rest of my life. I would not go for suicide, I do not have the guts.

Like yesterday, I went to my mother’s house because I want to tell her again my feeling. How I can’t live with a man that I don't love. To tell her my sadness, fear, anger & how crazy I am now, seeing a man that I don’t love, everyday in my house.

In tears, I try to make her understand, speak as low as possible, because I do not want my father to hear it. My father will kill me if I brought up again about I cannot accept they force me to get married to the man of their choice.

“mak..tolong dau mak…dau taknak hidup macam ni mak…mak..tolong mak….”
*me burst into tears*

Then………I woke up. I can still feel the sad from crying. I saw a kid lying beside me & a man beside the kid. Astaghfirullahhalazim. Stupid dream.

That time, I feel so grateful, I married to Asan, the man that I love so so so so & so much. The man of my choice.

It’s 3.21 am in the morning. Ok…I should get back to sleep.

Result Part 5 Degree
Today, UiTM will announce the result for last semester exam. Mine will be the Part 5, B.Acc. Definitely, I feel so scared inside but still try to be calm as possible, so far, I get flying colours for all exams. I am so scared because, I know I didn’t give 100% for the last semester exam. I have kid at home to be taken care of.

I went there to collect the result with my other friends. I take the envelope contains my result. & the result shows

Financial Accounting 5 – FAILED

My God!. Ape kejadahnya failed nak kena repeat paper. Semester 6 will have other tough subject, now have to add another tough subject. Will I graduate?

Then….i woke up. Still the the same kid & the same man lying beside me.

Bongok! mimpi sampai 2 kali.


  1. buat saspen je akak ni... mimpi rupenya!

    1. kihkih...asan baca pun gelak je..dia kata..ni bukan mimpi...ngigau....hahaha

  2. Mummy ni., kenapa tdo balik kan dah mimpi 2x..

    1. sebab mimpilah mummy tidur balik...kalau kencing malam tak tidur balik....KAHKAHKAHKAHKAHKAHAKAH

  3. Ceh suspen je..tu yg pelik..setau kite akak bercinta ngan hasan..tetiba lain plak..x kan kna paksa kot... Best tuk mimpi akak ni..hehe

    1. mimpi macam real tau...adoiyai...lagi2 yang fail paper tu..memang takut je lepas mimpi...tapi..lepas dah...hehe