Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mission Possible

May 30th, 2012 Wednesday 10pm @ Living Hall
I have a mission tonight; to alter my kain baju kurung. The tailor made it about half inch smaller on the waist than the sample kain I give. Thus, I have to wear it above my belly. Half inch is too small though, but really gives a BIG BAD IMPACT to my appearance. Senteng! (Short). Ugly.

I need to cut the kain & patch it with another piece of kain to make the waist bigger. The problem is, I don’t have any excess kain for that. So, without thinking any further, I just choose a kain that I no longer not yet fit (I keep it because I think I can fit it back when I get slimmer…hehe), then the altering festival begin.
i'm ready with my sewing tools. (a-must-have tools when you no longer stay with your parents)
small but not small
done....i'm ready to wear it again
The toughest part would be the sewing part. The only sticthes i know is "jahit pakai lantak" (sewing arbitrarily) which definitely looks $@#!*&%*$%#, but because it is at waist, then don't care lah looks $@#!*&%*$%# or what. That time, only i realized, life is much easier if i have a sewing machine.

wife: kan Asan kan? kan? Hidup ini lebih mudah dengan sewing machine.
wife: dengar tak? kan? kan?
wife: ooooooooo yang....
wife: yangggggggg.......
Husband: iye............(but eyes is watching the tv)

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