Friday, 8 June 2012

Most awaited Festival

The famous King of Fruits=Durian

2 durians change location into our tummy in less than 10 minutes.

Hantu Durian (fanatic for direct translation) & that's me. You have no idea how I like durian so much.

When I was single, I always bought durians from the night market nearby my apartment. As I might say, everytime the night market is open; every Monday & Friday. The price is quite reasonable, RM10 for 3, whilst 2 for a bit bigger size. That's cheap. Not a legend Musang King type. Ahhh....I can't even differentiate between which & which, so don't bother. As long as the taste is nice, creamy, sweet, not overripe, then that's will be fine. Ohhh...I don't keep it, I eat them all in 1 night.

Some says, Durian "smell like Hell, taste like Heaven".

For me, Durian "smell & taste like Heaven".

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