Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Next drifter on board

We are impatient parents. Adelea still cannot sit without support, but we already think of buying her a car toys.

That weekend, we off to Segamat. At the mall, we straight to the toys section. We want to put her on a car toys (a lorry actually), to see whether she can sit properly or not. And…………….she can. I really let go off my hands, after I put her on that. I’m a blessed mother. Haha.

Ooookayyyyy……& asan is a blessed father TOO.

But, even though we are impatient, we are so not against the nature. My mother said, we shouldn’t keep on “helping” the baby. Let them develop their skills by themselves, but still we monitor them.

“ok mak”

& bye bye lorry. We won't buy you, at least at this moment. *smile*

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