Monday, 25 June 2012

Perfect home to start our marriage life-Part1

Part 1

Jun 2012 is “the super duper greatest happiest month”, to date (2012 is still a long way to meet 2013; lot of better things might be waiting for us along the road, Insya-Allah). We received the keys to our houses, 1 house that Asan bought in 2008 & another 1 in 2011. When we received the keys, we are so excited & so thankful, as all the difficulties and hardships that we’ve been through since we get married are all vanished *Kissing the ground*

19 Feb; we back into love drama

Asan signed an agreement to buy a house from a developer. It’s an apartment type. As per normal term, the house supposed to be completed its construction in 3 years, meaning in 2010. We trust this developer, without doubt.


So now we are in 2010. The year where the house should complete its construction, as per term and written agreement. But, there is no sign of we will getting the keys, bye the due date. Few calls have been made to that developer (its agent, and sales person, and admin staff, and many others), they promised, they will handover the keys in Aug 2008. Since we trust this developer, WITHOUT DOUBT, we plan our engagement in March, and our wedding will be on end of November. August to November, the length time is just perfect for house renovation. And my wedding in November, just perfect before the flood hits my kampung. Thanks a lot to orang kampung who helped to safe my bridal bed, my bridal dressing table and bridal wardrobe, my wedding gift etc etc etc.

August coming & passed, we still yet to receive the keys. Again, calls been made (this time is a lot) to the developer, they promised, it’ll be in November 2011. Again, we trust this developer, WITHOUT DOUBT. But, we do hope, we will get it earlier. We will be married by the end of this year, & WE NEED A PROPER HOUSE TO START OUR MARRIAGE LIFE-this statement specifically dedicated to that developer (in case they don’t know or they simply ignore the reason of people buying a house).

Today, we get married. We are so happy outside. Smiling & laughing as we never have problems. But inside, only god knows how terrified we are because we don’t have a home to stay after we get married.

So…where do we stay?


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