Friday, 29 June 2012

Perfect home to start our marriage life-Part2

We are lucky, shall we say. Because, Asan’s relative offered us to stay at his house. Because new promise from this developer, they will handover the keys in February 2011. I lose hope already, I know this time I shouldn’t believe this lousy developer anymore, but I should think positive, and pray for positive outcome also. I don’t want my husband to think, that he has made a mistake by buying that house. He has a good intention to provide a good house for his family, that’s why he bought it long before we get married. I should be strong, for him.

November 2010 to February 2011, not very long time (actually, for me it’s too longgggg), so we decided we will take his cousin offer. So this time, we promised to ourselves-NO BABY-until we get the house. But….ermmmmm….i have nothing to say here.

So, we rent a room (room #2), for RM400. That’s ok, because if we rent outside, we need to oblige for 1 year agreement. Which is, not an option to us, because we only want to rent for few months.

February coming & PASSED, still we didn’t received the keys. The developer gave so many reasons
“That stupid dot dot not approve dot dot”, and
“That slow dot dot still didn’t finish dot dot”, and
“I’m only the dot dot, I received instruction that dot dot not allowed dot dot”, and
“bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla”

Ahhhh… all too many dot dot to blame dot dot, all of you can go to HELL!!!

This developer (I swear I’ll never buy property from this developer in future), promised (never fulfilled) the house construction will be completed in Jun 2011. They should thank us (and present us with loads of house furniture) because we believe this stupid developer, without doubt. We shouldn’t be blamed for putting 100% trust on this developer, because we find that this developer never has bad record (has proved otherwise).

Asan really cannot wait the house to be completed. It has facilities such as swimming pool, which he just cannot wait to plunge in, relaxing with half body inside the water, sipping the juice…………break it!! I’m guarantee the water will have more urine than chlorine after 3 months we moved in there. Based on the “failed to fulfill promises series record”, fairly imply what I’m thinking. Others will be a community hall which I think the community hall at my kampung is bigger, 2 parkings-this is wow, and etc.

Asan found out another house, a single-storey house. Then we decided we should by this house. Thinking of it’s more convenient to stay especially in our old age.  Despite of the limited monthly earn, we signed up the agreement. This house expected to complete its construction in June 2012.

June 2011, we received the keys….hooray!!!!!*jumpstar*

*finger snap sound* snap snap snap

NOT YET, ladies & gentleman.

June 2011 marked my 6 months pregnancy. You can imagine how difficult I am, going up & down the stairs to the 5th floor. If Asan need to work late, I need to take the commuter to KL Sentral from S.A station, sometimes I get seat, sometimes not. I have to stand up along the ½ hour journey, IF the train not delays. Morning journey to my office is another nightmare to be remembered. If my calculation is correct, I think, we do a lot of cursing than talking along to my office. To make the situation worse, we continue through SMS

Ok…don’t want to remind myself to this terrible moment.

I’m just so lucky, I was strong, and so did the baby. This moment, emotional management is at the peak. Everytime I walk up the stairs, I set my mind “this is good for delivery”, “this is good for delivery”. I keep saying this, until I really believe it is really good for delivery. I have set my mind like that. I have to. If I take the stress & the pain seriously, it might affect my pregnancy. And I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life, just because I failed to control my emotion. Other people might have bigger problem than me. 1001 problems which I believe have 100,001 solutions. I’m a grown up woman, I should be able to think & act wisely.

For the safety of my pregnancy, we decided, we must move out from Asan relative house. We have to take the risk of losing the rental deposit, if we were to get the keys to the house in less than 1 year from the rental agreement. We must think the baby safety first, money & other thing comes later. (ok…I lie here. I do think of hair treatment, pedi & medi & flat shoe from Crocs)…hehe…

Another journey to find a house to rent. I tell you, it’s so damn troublesome. But, we do find one. Apartment type, house on the 3rd floor, parking on 1st floor. So, walking up the stairs is not a big problem for me.

June-it’s almost a year we rented this house. This month we received the keys to both our houses. Now both houses are under renovation. Hopefully, we can move in before Ramadhan. The apartment type house, we will rent it. Currently, no electricity & water supply to the units. Probably, we will appoint an agent to find the tenants. That will be easy, eventhough maybe a bit expensive. But, it’s ok. The fees paid to the agent, worth the work.

Asan is busy dealing with the contractor, with the wiring man, the lamp seller, the furniture shop & so on.

We just cannot wait to moved in. “WE” is Asan, Adelea & I.

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