Monday, 11 June 2012

put your sunglasses on

I need a sunglasses & I want the original pair. I have billions of fake pair, some I bought myself, some I just took from erin & never return. Hehe. Sunglasses not acting as a fashion accessory solely, for me now, it is 1 of the “necessary” things that we must have. Sunglasses is no more a “luxury” nowadays. Wearing a sunglasses with UV protection, during the hot sun, can help to protect our eyes from the damage that UV radiation can cause to our eyes. Sounds scary?

Please do some basic research, on important things that you should consider before you ever buy a sunglasses. Oh myyyy….too many things too consider, guys. When I did, I never know that choosing a perfect pair is too difficult. We should consider about the UV protection, the polarised lenses, the suitability to the face, bla bla bla & bla. Cantik tak cantik tak part is the most difficult part. haha.

I like the large, wrap-around style, but Asan don’t like it. He said, it’s no more my time. I should wear something at my age. OMG, he’s talking like I’m already a “makcik-makcik” & I should choose a sunglasses that only “makcik-makcik” will wear.

But, somehow, I believe him. Not the “makcik-makcik” part, (I masih getah metah lagi…cehhhh perasan) but at the point that, I should choose something suit to my age. I should forget about flirting-attention-wow sunglasses. I should choose something that can shows my positive personality.

(ha ha ha ha…I can’t believe myself I said that) suit to my age?

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