Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sleeping pills

Yesterday, I'm being kind; I distributed one sleeping pill to each of my Finance colleague, for Free. The name of the sleeping pill is “lousy presentation so far”. Funny that, they got sleeping pill, but they have to restrain from sleeping. hehe

I’m so ashamed of myself, I was think like “what am I doing here? I’m standing in front of them, who lazily looking at me and at the same time battling with their own eyes to remain open”.

Kesian you all. haha

I was like “am I syok sendiri here?” some of them sighed loudly, some of them tapped the pen and some of them were looking at me with zombie look, the only different is that they don’t seem like they want to eat my brain.

When I got my presentation topic, I already know this will be boring. The scope is about processes & procedures, which we at Finance definitely not interested to know about ‘processes & procedures’. I try to make it simple by using boxes & arrows in Power Point, but, it’s too many. So I decided I’ll using Excel instead, list down but simplify the words. Plus, I used different background colour to differentiate the level. I’m satisfied with my work, thinking how creative I am, able to convert a boring topic to a nice presentation, but the sleepyheads, proved to me i was wrong. ~sigh~

We have this presentation, average twice a month. Among the purpose of this presentation are, discussing about current issue, sharing about problems we face in our daily works and solution to that, and others issue that we found useful to all of us. Currently, our topic revolved on Group Policy. This is one of my boss initiatives, to ensure her staffs are all equipped with valuable knowledge & skills. Thank you boss.

All this while, my boss seems satisfied with my presentation. Ok…..she seems to satisfy with presentation from my other colleague toooooo (end up saying ‘too’ with nozzle mouth). Once, I received compliment because i'm the only one who prepare a slide for my presentation & used attractive pictures to indicate my point. she said "this is good, because no one seems have effort like mine". others are using the same source & explaining the clause. Wowwwwww….i was like….smiling till the end of office hour.

Actually, I prepare the slide because I thought, everyone else also do the same like me. The next presentation, I didn't prepare a slide because I thought they will not prepare any also. But, I was wrong. Almost half of us, prepare a slide, and me among the "not prepare slide". ~BIG sigh~

I still remember, in my previous company, we went to a training held specifically for Finance staffs. One of the slots is, each of us have to make 5 minutes presentation based on the given topic. My topic was “the 3 criteria of my future husband”.

Initially, my 3 point was,
1) charming like bruce willis
2) funny like Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp in character)
3) mystery & strong man like Batman

But, I rejected it, because the choice shows not intelligent, at all. Hehe…

There are few other points after that, which I rejected also, because not intelligent.

Then, I decided, I should present each of the criteria with what I have. So, my final points are,

1) I cannot remember
2) I cannot remember (sorry you all)
3) I want my husband like my MP3- always cheer me up whenever I feel lonely & bored to death.
All the 3 points, I present it with 1 paper each. Then I bla bla bla bla, summarise it in 5 minutes.

The conductor/jury compliments my presentation. I can’t remember what it was, but the “words” she used is different from what she compliments others who do the presentation before me.

Later after the presentation, my x-boss called me to her room. She compliments me, and said something like “have potential", “can think different way”, and…… (The rest of it, I can’t remember….because that time I was busy

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