Friday, 27 July 2012

Bye bye Hospital

Till we meet again, which is never (crossfingers). hehe

We have moved to our new house last 2 weeks, on Saturday. That day,  Adelea still warded, and me at the hospital taking care of her. So, Asan has to take control of everything, from A to Z, from unload to load to unload. While me, I can only do the calling part, booking & arranging time from the ward sofabed. Pretty much like boss.

After a long stay in the hospital (4 days=96 hours=5,760 minutes=345,600 second=that’s long), I feel like I’m getting weaker & have the symptom of flu such as running nose & sore throat, but still mild. The last night there, I sleep soundly & not even hear to Adelea is coughing or not. Then, the next morning, I assured the doctor, her coughing is almost recover & we are ready to go back home, any seconds. Adelea discharges from Hospital on Sunday.

The most reason I really want to go home, not because of the mild fever, but, actually, I cannot stand my eyes watching Adelea do the “sedut kahak”. She will scream to her last pitch, appeal for sympathy to stop the process (I guess). It’s not comfortable, having tube inserted in our nose, then suck the phlegm…oh my….

Q: Why I was there in the room, when I cannot stand my eyes to watch it?
A: at least, if anything happens (touchwood), I was there. I know what is really happened because my 2 eyes witness it. Not just by listening to the nurses & simply believe their word.

Not that, they are cannot be trusted….but, you know…..mother instinct. (senang cerita too many bad instinct).

Then, after all the discharge process is done, we hurried to go back home (we stop twice for lunch & went to Pureen wholesale. Hehe), because we just moved in the day before, there’s lot of unpacking & arranging job to be done.

"On behalf of my husband & my daughter, we would like to thank you very much to all the nurses & doctors & hosp.staffs who help to take care & treat Adelea over 4 days she admitted. Thanks also to those who come for visit & your prayers for Adelea recovery. May Allah bless you guys for your kindness"

When I arrived home, this is what I see.

The view of the Family Area.Where should I start? This is only 1/3 of them. goshhhh!

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