Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Food you can resist

Who says hospital food is bad?




Not me. Yes not me. I can take hospital food, be it western, eastern, Chinese style, mamak style, all style I can gobble up without complaint. Ok..I lied here, I did complaint a bit such as tak sedap, kurang sedap, tak berapa sedap and so on. Hehe. Come on la, what do you expect? 5-stars Hospital food?

The night Adelea admitted, we planned to have dinner at Ayam Golek near Pantai Dalam before we go to Hospital. But, all the way there, Adelea keep on coughing and coughing and coughing. As she has nothing to do except coughing. So, we decided, after we drop Erin at her home, we make our way straight to the hospital. On our way from car park to Paediatric emergency, Adelea coughing again, this time she vomits, on my sweater. So, the whole night + next day + next night, I have new aroma; muntah Adelea (so not commercial).

Apa sajalah anak….mommy tetap love adelea

That night, I went to sleep with hunger.

Apa sajalah anak….mommy tetap love adelea

The next morning, breakfast is served.

Kuey Tiow Goreng & a cup of Hot Milo

And you know what, I found it so tempted. So seductived. And I just know, this kuey tiaw is the best kuey tiaw. EVER! The 1st spoon, wowwww….drooling; eventhough the taste is no taste. 2nd spoon…the vege is bitter, but still, I have the feeling that I can finish the whole plate.

3rd, 4th, 5th, only I realised I was mistaken by the hunger since last night. I text Asan immediately, remind him, to tapau for me a packet of nasi lemak! But I still finish the whole plate of Kuey Tiaw goreng. Some more, kuey tiaw that much? For the whole night hunger. Don’t fool me. It’s not enough. I need 1 packet of nasi lemak to confirm that I really full.

The next-next day, I make sure I choose the tastiest food that they can offer. They have until 8 food choices. So “sedap” until I drop 1 of the bowl. I don’t mean it. While I keep babbling and complaining about the “yummy taste” of the food, accidentally, I drop it and That time, I just wish, they will halal the bowl for me because Asan said, they will put into bill. And of course they not!

Maybe the bowl is so angry with my complaint, and cannot tahan anymore, so, it chooses to die that way. R.I.P bowl.

But, not the quality of the food that I want talk about here. It’s the waste. Being a Malaysian and stay in Malaysia, we are blessed with variety of foods. Food originated from different race & different country but with a bit taste of Malaysia.

I simply rejected the hospital food, but others might dead because of starvation. I should be thankful there is still food in front of me. Hey…you all should have the same thought too. Everytime, you found your food less in taste, just think of others who starving now.

What I did, everytime I face this kind of situation, I’ll set my mind, this food is nice..this food is nice…this food is nice. So, I’ll keep eating it until the last piece. Unless, my brain scold me and uncompromised with me to finish the food, and my tummy give signal that it doesn’t want bad package anymore, well…that, I cannot help. I’ll bury the no taste food inside the bin.

And I always feel guilty when I have to throw away food. I’ll feel sad, but it takes not a long time. My brain will help me to think that, the food is not my rezeki, & it’s belong someone else or somedog else.

So, during this Ramadhan month or some say “food festive” (the concept of fasting month is we should eat less food guys), be a bit thrifty to avoid food been waste & also to save your pocket from being broke. If you feel like want to eat all foods sell at bazaar Ramadhan, just remember you still have long way to complete 30 days of fasting, and then divide it la. Some more, come on…ayam percik? You can have that at your weekly Pasar Malam, right? So…be good with your monthly earning guys.


  1. experience 5days duk hospital Ampang masa bersalin Umar dulu mmsg best. brekfes bihun sup, kueyteow, mee ladna..lunch nasi ayam (ayam dia bagi 3ketul besar2) nasi tomato, mee hailam etc etc..suma sedap2 macam makan kat restoren. even tgh berpantang time tu, tapi bantai jelah..haha so bagi saya makanan hospital bole tahan sedaappp jugak tau!

    1. hospital ampang? tu private ke government? tula, sekarang dah ok sikit kot....haha