Saturday, 14 July 2012

Journey to the Bed # 16

It’ such a hard decision to make; to bring Adelea to KL for better Hospital health check up. I’m engaged with my quarter reporting, that is almost due but still have long process to complete. While Asan is super busy with house-moving arrangement. Appointment with the add-up-everytime-meet-up-contractor, buying furniture & other electrical appliances, call here & there. We must be scolded for this, right? We should put Adelea 1st, instead of thinking all that.

I went back to hometown on 8th of Jun’12; that was after emak reminded us countless times on Adelea’s condition. She’s having bad cough, really bad I tell you. But, it’s cough. Cough is cough. Just take the medicine, drink lot of plain water & pufffffff…….the cough will be gone. I used to do that, its work with mystery God willing. I just forgot, Adelea is 9 months old baby, not 9 years old kid who I can force with violence to drink the home-made tamarind drink. –slaps forehead-

The next day, I bring her to KK at Segamat Town. I didn’t send her to Hosp.Besar.Sgt because they said, for paediatric, they only accept referral cases, walk in not accepted except weekend and after office hour. I was like….whatttttt?

Ok..Maybe that’s their standard procedure, which they also have to obey, which I never know because I lived in year 2012, so I don’t understand standard procedure from medieval time that the Hosp currently using.

At KK, doctor took sample blood for blood test. Oh, you know how the process? The nurse insert a syringe at Adelea’s hand, put a small tube below the syringe, collect the blood that flow through the syringe until the tube is about half full of blood, while listening to Adelea’s crying. It took about 3 minutes. You can call me ancient or anything, but that kind of blood taken process was my 1st time seeing it. I thought they will use syringe, & suck the blood. Wallah….10 seconds process. 10 seconds pain. I prefer that 10 seconds than the 3 minutes. Some more, in 3 minutes, the nurse can take maximum of 18 samples, right? No wonder people complaining, the KK procedure is slow! You can call me ancient, it’s ok with me. Because, to my eye, that process is before ancient!

The result of the blood test shows good result, everything in normal range. Then the doctor conclude “nak alih bulan ni, nak pandai ni (baby learning process, example from crawl to stand up to walk. Malay old tradition believe, in order for the baby to learn & know about all the process, they will get sick 1st). It’s not old right? Doctors said that. Doctors! Doctors who eat/play/sleep/live with science.

Since a doctor said that, I didn’t bring Adelea to KL. Tomorrow, I call Emak asking for her development and condition. Emak said, her cough getting worse. “batuk macam orang semput (cough like having athma)”. Emak asks if I can take leave & going back hometown to take care of Adelea. Definitely I can’t. After I hang up, I told Asan what emak told me. Then we decided, tomorrow Asan will go back to hometown with Erin & take Adelea to KL, since he gets MC tomorrow. I call Emak again, she sounds disagree, (she cannot live without Adelea, but she doesn't want to admit...hehe), at the end of the conversation, she said "terpulanglah (up to you)"

After arranging the time with Erin, suddenly Emak call, she said, Adelea is getting better, she looks OK. Pulak dah? tadi cakap A, ni cakap B. So we cancel it.

But, the next morning as early as 5.30 am, Emak call again. She said, Adelea cough really bad, she looks like she’s having difficulties to breath properly. Emak asks me to come back & take Adelea.

So, here is Adelea in Paediatrick emergency, waiting for her name to be called by the front-counter personnel for registration.

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