Tuesday, 24 July 2012

move in preparation

We try to visit both our new houses as often as possible, as often as once in a week. We have to, to check on the renovation progress, if possible, we want to move in soonest possible. For the terrace house, to our surprised, the renovation progress is quite fast. The wall partition is almost done-----aaaaa, I have something to tell about the wall partition.


As what I understand, supposedly, the wall should be punched out to make a hole, then the 1st line of bricks should be inserted in. however, the contractor not doing it that way. He just tap to the original wall, and covered with cements. IF (hopefully not), the wall cracks, there is high possibility of the wall to collapse also. I am not really know about it, so I don’t want to argue too much with the contractor (eventhough…I have the rights…..right?).

the additional wall partition

view from outside the house

Ok..back to the house renovation progress. Other than the wall partition, everything looks ok & perfect. We start to survey for house furniture & electrical appliances & other small-small thing, especially on stuff that we don’t have or want to replace such as the dining table, the fridge & also the lamp. Those that that we don’t want to use, but still can be used, we will place it at the apartment.

We had so much fun when we go for window shopping for the house furniture, especially when we pass through the showroom of bedroom or dining area or hall area or anything. They are all so pretty & nice to look at. I even want to try to put my face on the mirror & look so jakun from inside the showroom & make the sales assistant annoyed, but Asan stop me from doing that. He said,

Only monkeys do that”…what????

But….it’s also so much gloomy around, because we not even dare to enter to check the price. I’ll hardly breathe to death. The price is Masya-Allah! Expensive. I know it, just by looking at them. How i wish, we will get earlier the compensation for the house apartment (LAD or something something). Sure I bring out a piece or two. *smiling*

I love my dining table. I want it so badly, but Asan said it’s too expensive. Beyond our budget, he added (blame the late compensation). So we just book a dining table with lesser price, lesser cantik, lesser quality, lesser wow, lesser everything. I hate it so baddddddd.

But, when Asan come back to pay the full payment, he actually paid for the dining table that I want. Haha….good…..Thanks a lot to someone who has changed his mind. Youuuu...yes youuu…don’t go away. I need you to change his mind again, when I need something he’s not approved. (You know who you are, jangan malu-malu, burok rupa!)

Then…Asan choose a huge fridge which need 1/3 of the kitchen space. It’s still ok. I need a bigger room for creative room instead of kitchen. The kitchen is just fine, no need to apply for loan to renovate it to make it bigger. No need. I am serious.

Then…..eh….what should i? I just attract the “pemecah masuk rumah professional” to visit right?

Ok ok stop here then.

Helloooo neighbours

**Footnote : we have moved in here, officially on 14th Of July/2012. Day before Adelea discharge.


  1. Akak nak tanya, kalo kite nak pecah bilik aroung bape rm ye..

    1. aroung apa? akak tak pecah bilik....tapi, dulu pernah tanya dalan RM20K jugak..itu pun yang busuk2 je....