Saturday, 7 July 2012

Next step---renovation

So now we received the keys to our houses, definitely we are more than happy. We are so impatient & raring to wait for the day we can move in. Hope the clock is ticking faster.

But wait….not my biological clock! (I changed my mind, I want to pop out more babies) hehe

After we got the keys, we start to meet the contractor more often, discussing & planning & drawing on the house renovation. And we are so surprised, knowing the fact that, dealing with contractor is so pricey, expensive, unexpected cost, unreasonable & so on and so forth. Almost everytime we meet for discussion, there always some money that we need to add, even though the package we chose is “full package”.

From what I understand and from discussion we made before we pay the 1st deposit, the package we chose is covered all the basic things, from the house grill to kitchen cabinet to plaster ceilings to wiring. But when we met up after we have paid the deposit, the contractor adds some money to the package and the more we meet up the more money he adds up. Last meeting with the contractor, I say to Asan, definitely, few hundred will be added in our bill tonight.


We have to pay additional RM300 to make 2 pin-points for the ceiling fan for room no.3 & no.4. Even though, I am really confident the 2 pin-points already added in the last discussion. Whatever!

Really…..I really need to learn more on house renovation. What is necessary what is luxury. I really am aware that what we have bought or spent are all basic. One night, we do our own calculation, on how much money we have spent & how much we need more. We found out, the package that we bought, has double the price now. Bravo! Until we have spent all the golden leaves, then only they stop to add money, I guess.

I have added another term in my life now. Full package not really means full package. It means “full but not complete package”. So, be careful guys. Do not fall into this kind of alluring offer. The spell on “full package” is too powerful, I cannot resist it. Haha. Do not copy me.

And……I learned my lesson. Start saving, then spending will follow. Yeah..that’s cool.

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