Saturday, 21 July 2012

Night 1 in Ward

One thing that I fed-up seeing doctors is; have to answer the same question from few different doctors. I saw the 1st doctor write down my answers, but the next doctor will ask again & write again.

1st doctor
She asks the history of Adelea having flu & cough. So, we told her everything we know, those uncertain, we just agak-agak & give average answer. She checked on Adelea’s condition when she breathing & the speed. Later, she sent us for X-Ray, because she said there’s something not right.

Adelea really go for Amuk, when I hold her tightly during the X-Ray. I pray, the doctor would not find anything not right, because I know, if she warded, she’ll get more than this. Syringe inserted in, blood taken process, oh my……..please don’t find anything.

My prayer not granted that night. The doctor told me, Adelea will be admitted,

1st because, her lung shows there are unusual amount of phlegm inside
2nd because, the history of flu & cough is more than 1 month, on & off, it could be something else. So need to put her in ward to monitor her condition and further inspection.

It was like the storm hit me, hardly. I’m speechless. Can I say objection Yang Doctor?

The doctor takes her to a room, to take blood. Mother, please wait outside. What?????? When I heard Adelea’s screaming, I feel like I want kick the door, grab Adelea & take her away, run….......

Asan is very clever. He went outside the building, pretending to make call, so he won’t listen to Adelea screaming. (I’ll say he pretend to make call, eventhough he has to make call, because for me, he has to be beside me console me!)

2nd doctor
Her question is the same as what the 1st doctor asking.

2nd time story-telling.

3rd doctor (10 minutes after the 2nd doctor)
This doctor looks very professional. He asks 1 by 1, helping me to remember the actual history of Adelea flu & cough.

The doctor said, if it’s because of virus, the 3 bottles of antibiotics that we have given to Adelea is no use. That’s why her flu never well recovers.

All the Q&A session ended about 2 o’clock in the morning. Tired is I am. 1st night in the ward taking care of my daughter. It’s an experience…experience….experience….experience……zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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