Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Own interest

Look who’s being little kid so impatient to play with her new toys?


Asan get this for me. thank you.

The feeling is great as he just give me a nice looking Baju Raya as a gift. huh!

Enough saying, my kitchen is complete with this cooker check in here. Hope more to come in. Amin.

In other words, the presence of this cooker simply mean, more house cook than restaurant cook.

Am busy reading the manual, macam……..adalah orang tu…..

And, for the people who love to do what he likes to do-house decorating.
This is not fully done.

Being a simple person I am + lazy, turned me out to have less interest in these entire house decorating & designing. My creativity is totally poor-lazy act lead to lazy in creative thinking-Asan take charge of everything. I’ll just say yes, if I think his idea is ok & no if it’s not. Simple. I told u I’m simple person.

My room before I get married was very small. Very.very.very.small. But I like it very much because of sooooo many reasons, but I list the best 5;

1) Sweeping the floor take less than 30 seconds.

That’s heaven if I were a maid.

2) The room is near to corridor, so I know our neighbours name without being an acquaintance.

How? When they simply yelling to call their friend name, without even thinking other neighbours is sleeping or what, example;

“Britniiiii…tahan lift…tunggu tungguuuuu” sambil lari-lari pergi lift. So I know, my right neighbour has a person call "Britni" (not a real name) who willingly to hold the lift while waiting for her friend who always late. Now I know why the lifts keep on not working. Lucky them, I didn’t report to building management.


“Shakireee ooo Shakireee…aku ni lediguga …tidur lagi keeee..bukak pintuuuu….aku tertinggal kunci kat office” then I heard Pontianak & Langsuir laughing to each other. Pontianak laughing at langsuir because face look like langsuir just wake up, and langsuir laugh at Pontianak because have useless brain and forgot to bring back together with the house keys! So I know now Shakire (not a real name) & Lediguga (not a real name) or Pontianak & Langsuir are house-mate & Leduguga a.k.a Pontianak interest is leaving the house keys at office while Shakire a.k.a Langsuir is busy sleeping & none of them have mobile phone.

3) Less in house room-chores.

But according to my sisters who come to visit me, they said my room still have lot of room-chores unsettled. I don’t know what are they talking about.

4) My bed is also my reading table and the place I surf the internet.

Facebook & blog hopping.

5) Best part is-I can fold clothes on the bed & put it inside the locker without uplift my lazy bump!

Imagine how small it is & how convenient I am. Never have I regretted rented that room, except for the termites that eats the floor. But, I get rid of them by forcing the house owner to change the floor. Otherwise, I’ll proudly announce, I have roommates, and my roommates are termites! Yucks! Muntoh hijau!

Ok, this is my idea. As the wall drilling is D.I.Y, to avoid of senget, I suggest we put 1 frame below of anotther. Our wedding picture. Hot from oven. Plastic pun baru buka.

Hehe. Creative. Kan?


  1. ape tu?breadmaker ke?ke benda lain?

    1. hahaha...ernie...periuk nasilah....kot dapat gelang emas raya ke lagi syok..hahaha