Friday, 13 July 2012

Paediatric Ward, Bed #16

Adelea is sick. She’s having on & off flu & bad cough for more than 1 month. She’s now warded since last Wednesday. Doctor(s) suspect it is !#*&^% virus slash #&%#@ virus slash %#)&%)#^ virus…but not very serious ya puan. But we will put her in ward to monitor her condition since already more than 1 month. The doctor tries to convince me, he succeed!
Ya tuhan, I feel like I want to learn medicine & become a medical practitioner now, so I’ll know what is really happen to her. I really want to know what kind of virus that attack her body now, make friends with them, & politely request “please go away & don’t come back”. As easy as that, I wish. Is there any Medical course for non-medical people? Accounting have. ~acting face~

She is sick since 4th of Jun’12. We just come back from Asan parent’s house in KT, Johor. Maybe, because of long hour journey in the car + high level of air-conditioner (she’s sitting with me next to driver-who’s idea is this? it was bad) that probably the main contributor of the flu. Normally…..normally ya…..after taking medicine, she’ll recover. Normally…again normally…..she will recover fast. And…because of that “normally” term, we being negligence parents.

She did recover after taking the medicine, but, she gets back the flu after 1 @ 2 days. This time, the flu comes together with cough. 1 + 1. Good. I wonder what else will come, and then can call it as 1 + 2. Haiyoh!!!!! Virus virus go away.Shoo shoo…

Seriously, I cannot really remember what’s the exact flow of her flu + cough history. When I was failed to explain to doctors, what is really happening from the beginning, I just feel bad. ~blame the normally term-it made me negligence parent~.

I try my best to remember, to be safe, I just tell them everything I know in average

“In average she gets sick for 3 @ 4 days, recover for 1 @ 2 days, and then get sick again”.
“In average, she only drinks 1 @ 2 ounce of milk, but she normally can finish to 6 ounce for every 4 hour”.
“In average, she will cough for more than 15 seconds”.

Too many average reason, at last I admit to 1 of the doctors, that it was my mistake, didn’t take seriously when she get sicks.

“Next time, please put in diary. At least we know the history, so we can examine her accurately”

Ok, doctor…I will.


  1. Ala ciannye baby...mmg susah hati gila kalo anak sakit...

    Semoga adelea cepat sembuh

    1. thanks ernie...1st experience jaga anak kurang sihat... :)