Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sedut gas

I need a proper bed…...but, seeing Adelea’s condition; she coughs badly in her sleep, I thankful for the hard sofabed. Everytime she coughs, I can hear it and wake up to tap her back and give her warm water, try to relieve her cough. If I were on soft mattress bed, I cannot guarantee I’ll waken up.

The next morning, I was waked up by the hosp staff, she unveils the curtain. I feel like I was in the movie, trying to get sleep then later my mother came in & she unveils the curtain. The sun shine coming through window. And then I said……mom, it’s Sunday.

But, sure I am not in the movie. & the curtain is not the window curtain, thus, no sun shine. hehe

It’s already 7 something..…gosh…I need more time to sleep. But, I know the procedure; I need to wake up, clean up my baby before the doctor come for check up. I grab the towel and toiletries and move lazily to the bathroom. (We bring together all the stuff, in case of admitted, we no need to go back home).

I passed my bed neighbour to the bathroom/toilet. To my surprise, the mother still sleeping, despite the curtain has been unveiled. Eh….is it ok to present our not-yet-clean-up-baby to doctors? Can mehhh? If can, I would like to continue my sleep. Hehe. If the doctor scolds me, I’ll say, my daughter still sleeping, I don’t want to wake her up, because last night, she keep on coughing, let her sleep more. She can rest more. Wa ha ha ha ha ha… it’s reasonable, I guess.

But I cancel that. Probably the mother already clean up her baby, while waiting for doctors, she take a nap. That’s possible.

After I clean up myself, slowly I wake Adelea up. I just learn from my mother on how to wake up a baby. Slowly, tap the baby’s back & call the baby name. So, the baby didn’t get shock & didn’t cry. Insya-Allah. When the baby opens the eyes, then only we hold her up. Easy right? Quickly, I rush to clean her up, the doctors’ visit normally at 8 am.

Group of doctors came in to our room (only 2 patients in this room). I hear the doctors ask bla bla bla bla & bla and the mother answer bla bla bla bla & bla. Then they come to my bed.

I am ready for my 4th time story telling. Yeah..definitely.

But…1 of the doctor, read from Adelea’s record. Hah! Exactly the same as my story telling no. 1, 2 & 3.

But they still ask this & that. They all suspect it’s because of virus, so they need Adelea to stay longer in ward. This group of doctors are bit funny. They consist of professional doctors & practical doctors (I guess). The practical keep on talking among them, probably discussing Adelea situation based on their reading (while the professional is examining Adelea based on their experience). Then the professional doctors warning/scold the practical doctors, such as…

“hey…you all listening or not?”
“You all take note or not?”

When the practical say yes, the professional ask back 1 of the practical, what is Adelea’ condition & their decision.

The practical doctor answers perfectly. A+.

After the doctor visit, I saw my neighbour clean up her baby. Oh…..meaning….tomorrow (if still warded)….*lighbulb*

Based on medical term, I never really know what they are talking about. Almost everytime they said something, which I don’t understand, I’ll ask back “what’s that?” & they will reply back in normal human being term. And that would be “masuk air”, “masuk anti-biotic”, “sedut gas”, “sedut kahak”, which sometimes I’ll ask again “is this necessary?” & the nurse/doctor will look back at me, annoyingly, because they might think I’m questioning their professionalism. Hehe….Sorry doctors/nurses. I don’t mean to. I’m just being curious. At least I have answer when someone asking me about Adelea. I don’t want to answer “I don’t know. Follow je doctor”. kan?

So, that afternoon, Adelea having sedut gas & sedut kahak. And…..seeing her doing the sedut gas, is still ok with me. But…seeing her sedut kahak, makes me want to run away from this hospital. So tragic! I can’t stop the nurses from doing their work, definitely. So, I just watch, speechless!  

I always say, I don’t want Allah to transfer the pain to me, rather I chose Allah heal my daughter’s pain. But, the more I see her do the sedut kahak, the more I pray “transfer the pain to me NOW!” But, after she has done with that, I just thankful “thanks for not transferring the pain to me.

Next session of sedut kahak, I pray the same thing. After session ended, I thankful Allah not granted my pray. Next session….ok ros…..just stop it.

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