Monday, 2 July 2012

walking is the new crawling

Ah…forget about the grammar. Not enough time to flip the dictionary on how should I translate it. I just want to say, Adelea is so eager to walk now after less than 1 month she starts to crawl – but, in the coolest way. (at least I try)
Just help me to correct it.

This week, I didn’t go back to hometown, but my sisters did. They send out a few pictures, to smash my heart.

She just discovered that, this baby swings will help her to walk. She will grouch, as a signal that, someone must help to control the baby swings movement, when she’s on the move. hehe. Clever girl.

Ok delea, good. Mummy & ayah is giving you a test. By your 9th month birthday, you must be able to walk without support already. Study smart, and make sure you pass the test.


  1. xlama lg jalan la tu...cepat gak adelea dh nak jalan...good girl...

    1. hehe...alhamdulillah....sekarang dah macam kuat berdiri, menapak masih tak berapa la....tapi...still ok lagi...hehe