Sunday, 5 August 2012

15th of Ramadhan

Today, 4th of August/2012 is the 15th of Ramadhan. Another 15 days to go for the big celebration of Hari Raya Puasa. Alhamdulillah, I still have the chances of doing it and hopefully still have the chances to celebrate the Hari raya together with my family and other Muslims.

15th of Ramadhan, *long sighhhh* the time passed by so fast. Feeling as it was just yesterday I have my 1st sahur with my family in law, at my new house. Seeing Adelea crawling towards us, not because she wanted to have Sahur together, but she just wanted to eat. Hehe.

That’s why we should make use of the time we have to do more Ibadat during this holy month. Already half of the month, meaning, I have lost the rewards for 15 days of Terawih prayer, lost the rewards of reciting the Al-Quran and many other things. Time flew by, without notice. Sadly, it’s not turning back. Will I still have the chances of meeting the Lailatul-Qadar night this year? Only Allah knows.

Don’t get me wrong here. I know, whatever we did, we should have a sincere heart. Not merely request for the rewards from Allah, but we should believe Allah would reward His Hamba for those who did a good deed. As the Doa Taubat meaning,

“Tuhanku, aku tak layak untuk syurga-Mu, Tetapi aku tidak pula sanggup menanggung seksa neraka-Mu, Oleh itu, kurniakanlah, ampunan kepadaku, Ampunkanlah dosaku, sesungguhnya Engkaulah pengampun dosa-dosa besar”.

My point----àaku tak layak untuk syurga-Mu…….tidak sanggup menahan seksa neraka-Mu ß-------

The ibadat that can help guarantee us a place in heaven and keep us away from Hell. Insya-Allah.

I’m not trying to be alim, not even want to overshadow other pious man. Like I said before, I maybe not a good muslim. But, I still believe in Allah, dosa pahala, hari kiamat (The Judgement Day) and anything else similar.

I should recite Al-Quran more often and go to mosque to perform Terawih prayer as often as possible. Hopefully, after this, works at office not overload, so I can go off earlier.

But....normally, when the spirit of "Muhasabah diri" come, that's the time we cannot do all that, because of best friend monthly visit. So...tonight is mooviee time. Step Up Revolution.

Done with Muhasabah diri.


  1. Adelea dah duduk sekali dgn ko ke?

    1. belum..haritu je sekejap lepas dia keluar ward...isnin puasa ke3 aku dah hntr blk kg...insya-Allah lepas raya...aku dah call taska, belum tengok keadaan dalam taska macam mn lagi...klu semuanya ok, insya-Allah lepas raya...