Wednesday, 15 August 2012

before Hari Raya

For year 2012, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is expected to fall on 19th of August, on Monday. If counted from today, we have less than 1 week to prepare for all the needs for Hari Raya. Baju Kurung/Baju Melayu we yet to buy, the brooch, shawl, butang baju melayu….never ending list.

We have start some shopping last weekend, because if not last week, we have no time to go for shopping. Raya will be on Sunday, we have only 1 day before to go for final purchase.

We plan to find the baju kurung today, and hopefully we can find the best for us.

We have start some shopping, so we have settle for shoe, Asan’s outfit & kuih raya….i told you….never ending list.

What's inside the paper bag

Someone's has addicted to ZARA

The best Pineapple Tart ever

My new haircut for Hari Raya. I just love short haircut. I'm so in love with 1 haircut, that need me to shave 1 side of the head, but i not dare. my mom will get fainted if she sees me like that. my mother in law too. so better, dont!

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