Tuesday, 14 August 2012

follow your instinct

When buying shoes, if you feel the “feeling” – warning! Do not phone your sister asking for her opinion or phone your husband asking for permission – just shut your mouth and buy them. If not, you will end up having only the picture or pictures of the shoe in your phone. Trust me. It happened to me, now!

I used to be like this….before….looooong time ago….during zaman gajah time. Less self-confidence – erin used to call me. So, I learned little by little to trust my own choice. Everytime, I want to buy something, I always picturing myself, how do I look in that dress or in that shoes or in that whatever.

For the sake of discounts card, I phone my sister. So of course, other than we dealing on the discount card, we also discuss about the shoe type that I want to buy.

Bla bla cantik ke bla bla cantik bla bla mms shoe picture bla bla not bad bla bla not bad is below average bla bla nampak tua bla bla I’m almost 30 FYI bla bla go something with stripe bla bla will make my skin dark bla bla that’s last season shoe bla bla thanks for the info, I’m walking out of the shop now.

Oh mannnn…. Actually, I don’t mind at all, its last season, in season or in future season. If not because of Hari raya, I’ll just grab it. That shoe is 3”, just nice for me because now I’ll carrying Adelea around. Such a terrible moment carrying a kid with 4” or 5” high heels.

Eh…..no. What I mean is…I haven’t had enough practice walking in 4”or 5” high heels while carrying a kid. The time will come.

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