Monday, 6 August 2012

Food here and there

One of the best things about Ramadhan *drumroll*


Yes food. You can have foods that you never eat if it’s not Ramadhan month. Just move up your lazy bump and head to your nearest Bazaar Ramadhan. There, you can see variety of foods offered, and if you not wise enough, you tend to spend until the last cents you have in your pocket. Careful guys, the temptation of “I want to eat them all” is not so easy to reject. Be wise, be thrift.

My favourite dishes,
1) Nasi putih + Sup Daging + Sotong Kerabu
2) Mee Sup Daging pedas
3) Nasi goreng daging
4) Mee goreng full of daging.

I’m a diehard fan of daging you might see.

But, I’m not. I’m a seafood lover, but take very less seafood, as advice by doctors.

I’m not fussy when it comes to food, but I can be super fussy sometimes or almost the time if the food tastes like the grass. Eh…never heard the idiom before. Ha ha ha ha.

If the food is under my favourite food list, or I feel the food is delicious from the 1st taste, then, I don’t mind having them every day for my fasting break. I used to have dinner of Mee Sup Daging Pedas every night for 5 days-straight! Trust me!

So, when I know there is good place or good food, I’ll turn to unpaid loyal customer, I’ll keep coming to that place, and other food which is similar in look but not the taste, I'll reject it.

I discovered many delicious foods since I start…well…start to bring food home for myself. And most of them are introduced by…the one and only….Asan.

And the list goes by,

1) Murtabak @ Bazaar Ramadhan Kg.Sungai Penchala. It has less onions and more minced meat/chicken. Not difficult to find which one, just look out for the longest queue, and that’s the Murtabak I'm talking about here. If the murtabak you bought, different with what I describe, you have bought it from the wrong Pakcik. Or maybe, you just bought a popiah that you was mistakenly think its Murtabak. Idiot! ROFL 1000X.

2) Pulut Udang @ Cheeko. Seriously, before I met this Pulut Udang, I never like this kind of kuih. But, when Asan bought for me few years ago, this will be my “must buy kuih when I went to their stall. I’ll be upset & moody for 1 week, IF I cannot buy them. (Cheeko, percaya tak? Hehe) Even Emak who eats that for the 1st time said “sedap, mana beli? Nanti beli lagi”. So, few trips to hometown, a plastic of them, will be pack together with our stuff.

3) Tomyam Seafood @ Thahara Restaurant– spicy, lots of seafood (prawn, squid, lala, fish, crab + mushroom & others) confirm you’ll leaning against the wall with full stomach. 1st time being there, I feel like I don’t want to go home. I want to stay with the restaurant owner, so I can have the Tomyam again tomorrow or forever, if they allowed me. Everytime I went there, I’ll order the same kind of dishes - Tomyam Seafood, Hammock (also seafood), & ketam kari with egg and.....Tembikai Laici. sedap sangat!

4) Pineapple tart top inti @ Bank Negara – I called it Bank Negara because it’s from my sister’s friend of friend of friend (I’m not sure the level) whose friend works at Bank Negara made that tart. It’s very delicious, very the fingers licking good. We can finish few balang in 1 day. We even make rule: 1 day, only 2 pieces per person. Well… expected, no one not breaks the rule. We just cannot hold our fingers from picking the tart from the balang.

5) Kuih Badak Berendam by Emak. Emak? Emak I. she’s the best kuih badak berendam maker, even her 3rd son in law pun request, “ermmm…balik kampung ni mak buat Badak Berendam tak”? hehe
6) Tapai – another Kuih that Emak expert is Tapai, the best at her Kampung level. It’s a must have food during Hari Raya Puasa or Haji or just a small kenduri. But, trust me, I rarely eat them. Maybe, only 5 or maybe less.

7) Waffle Daily fresh – wafito premium @ Petronas Linggi Highway. I don’t know why, but the taste is different with other Daily Fresh outlet in Malaysia. I always ask Asan to stop by at Petronas, or if he refused to stop, I’ll say “I need to go to pee-pee immediately”, just to make sure, he stop there. So I can buy the wafito waffle. Recently, I just found out, Erin is doing the same. She will stop there just to buy them. So, I’m not alone here. hehe

Last but not least,

8) Nasi ayam Ros Flower by me. hahahahahahaha. I have the instinct, I make a very delicious Nasi Ayam, because Asan always request for it, every time we went to Market to buy fresh groceries for our fridge. Ok…I cannot keep myself from smiling.


  1. Nak resipi nasi ayam versi ko...hehe

    1. ok ok..nanti aku bagi...hahahahahahah

      aku perasan sendiri je ernie...resipi dari myresipi jugak....cuma sambal aku tak follow sambal nasi ayam. sambal aku follow sambal nasi ayam penyet...kan pedas kan...hehe....

    2. Oo...kalo pedas,mmg laki aku tak makan le...ko goreng ke panggang ayam tu?

    3. Oo...hehe...kalo pedas mmg laki aku tak makan le...ko goreng ke panggang ayam?

    4. laki aku pun x makan, so aku suruh dia ambik sikit je...aku klu x pedas, aku pulak yg x makan. hahaha

      ayam tu aku goreng je, tapi, aku masakkan sup dulu. lepas tu angkat (jgn biar kering sangat) salut dengan sos tiram then goreng. jgn goreng lama sangat, agak2 rangup je. sebab ayam dah masak (sup). klu kau pandai masak sup, tak payah letak kiub ayam. biar kuah sup original reneh dari ayam. baru sup marvellous! tapi aku selalu fail, aku letak jugaklah separuh kiub.

      nasi pulak aku masak dengan air sup ayam sup memang aku buat extra untuk masak sekali dengan sepupu asan ajar.

      wahh..serious pulak kau tny, nak masak ke...ha try...hasilnya...sila update blog...aku dah kurang bahan bacaan ni...hehehe

  2. Aku ade gak buat mcm2 versi.terbaru ni boleh tak aku buat ayam tak masak?haha.dah dekat berbuka tak pasal2 kena goreng semula.aku mmg rebus ayam dulu,pastu air tu buat masak nasik dgn sup.lepas ni aku nak try panggang pulak ayam.kalo goreng,kena guna banyak minyak.sayang...hehe.
    Aku busy la,takde masa nak update blog.haha.padahal malas.

    1. ha samalah tu caranya...haha..xpe...kita masih trial & error lagi...haha...lepas ni aku nak belajar masak yang pakai santan far anything yang aku masak guna santan rasa hancur..haha

    2. Santan?untuk masak nasik ke?ari tu aku buat letak susu full cream.nasi rasa berlemak.sedap...

    3. untuk masak apa2lah...lauk lemak cili api ke kari ke...selalu rasa santan terlebih, tak pun rasa santan terkurang..tak pernah menjadi so far...

      aku nk try susu full cream tu yg jenis cair tu ek?

    4. Praktis,praktis,praktis...hehe

      Ade ke susu full cream pekat?ni utk nasik ayam tau.kalo masak lain,tak pasti bleh guna susu full cream ke tak...hehe.kang ko bantai buat masak lemak guna susu full cream pastu tak jadik,ko salahkan aku lak...hehe

    5. ooo...untuk nasi ayam? x pernah dengar pulak aku...takpe...nanti aku google2 pasti jumpa

    6. ni resipi makcik nani rostam mak hanis zalikha...hehe...

  3. ni resipi makcik nani rostam mak hanis zalikha.ko search je kat blog die

    1. ooo yeke...ok gak tu...nanti aku scroll scroll blog dia...hehe...ada resipi marvellous, roger2 tau.....