Monday, 13 August 2012


I have these blackheads problems reside on my nose for many generations now. I do not really understand the reason why they like my nose so much until they decided to settle there. Haish!!!! Can you please go and find some-nose elsewhere. Use skincare? Oh my…I have used countless skincare products on the shelf to drive them away, but to no avail. They are now like the super power warriors, cannot be defeated by any bullet/weapons and, in my case is the skincare product, be it from underdog brand or from a well-known brand. They seem to already have a grant to stay, which I never issue. N.E.V.E.R. They must have fake the grant. Hate them so much!

I swear to myself, I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of them. My last resort in the battle to defeat them *am ready in my shield yeahhhh* - Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel.

It has so called a massager, which can straight away use to massage the nose area, to make it smooth and supple. And, it takes about 20 seconds per session. So, slowly blink your eyes 20 times…tadaaa….it’s done. You look RM90 prettier.

Idiot! Make sure your eyes are open for that *RM90 over 2 months* 20 seconds.

After the melting gel, go for mask-pore minimizing pack - to cleanse and remove the dirt turn blackhead inside the pores. The process will be easier after using the blackhead melting gel. Apply on your face, thoroughly, then let it dry for 10 minutes, then wash your face. Then, apply the moisturiser, and then you can go off to bed feeling pretty. Ermmmm….in total, you look RM180 prettier. giller sangats!

Let me tell you my 1st face-to-face with this product.

Actually, I went to Laneige booth to find out more about their new product – waterbank. Eh…. I am influenced by the word, really I am. If not, I won’t go there. While she busy explains about the products with so much enthusiasm (whatever), my eyes catch on this “pores minimizing product” line. My eyes are more enthusiastic than the beautician when they saw that, so they explore more on the display until they saw the word “blackhead melting gel”. My left hand wants to make a hand gesture to her to keep quiet, but my heart stops my left hand because it’s rude. Instead my brain instruct my head to nod every 10 seconds & instruct my mouth to say “ermm” “ha” & “ok” as I really understand what she’s babbling about, but actually not. *such a best friend for-eva. So much to envy them*

Until I saw she nods her head and say “ermm”, that means she done talking. Quickly I say “that’s impressive”

Then I add “I feel like I want to buy them all”. I lied!

I straight away ask her about the pore minimizing product. Then, the story ended with me queuing at the cashier and ka-ching, I’m officially their new master now. So…please do whatever you can to win this battle against blackhead. By having both of them, meaning…..the ethnic (blackhead) cleansing is on.

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Eh…………………..!!!! I don’t support human ethnic cleansing! It’s abusive*read my message* Oinkkkkk….! Sggrotttt!

Laneige Blackhead melting gel
Laneige Pore minimizing pack

No matter what you do or whatever you do, blackhead cannot be “deleted” for all, it’ll keep coming back because open pores is where their address is. Especially when you have big pores sizes. There is no scientific evidence saying that we can open/close the pores, because a pore is the oil follicle, which everybody has. The difference is someone might have it big or small.

If we don’t have, our skin cannot breath. Imagine you have stuffy nose, can you breath properly? So go & clean them.

What are you waiting for??! Dig your nose la...

Different with blackhead, you cannot squeeze them ya. Not good not good *waving forefinger while do an amateur belly dancing*

Tips to minimize blackhead & reduce the sizes of skin pores:
1) Cleans your face often to remove dirt that was clogged in the skin pores, especially when you are wide exposed to the dirt. But, do not too often, because it’ll make your face dry. Apply moisturizer la.
2) Do not squeeze the blackheads, it’s a painful procedure & actually lead to make your pores size bigger. The bigger your pores size, the harder to cleanse the blackhead.
3) Use the right skincare products which also commensurate your pocket money. Otherwise…..there’s a big hole in your pocket, dude!
4) Always wash your face…eh…this is repeating!

So I believe, whatever it is, cleansing our face is the most important things here. Now I realize the beauty-ness of performing prayer 5 times a day. That is the reason why people say “pakai air sembahyang je”.

Ok…. I’m rushing back to Laneige counter, want to return them because I already know the secret of pretty face. 


  1. Berkesan tak weh produk ni?aku pun ada gak masalah blackheads tu.lepas tu dengan pori2 terbuka kat tepi hidung ni.

    1. baru pakai 2 kali la ernie, tak sure lagi...tapi product dia rasa best, fresh lepas pakai. yang penting tak perlukan banyak masa lama.

      mask tu akan serap minyak/blackhead, sebab dlm 5 minit aku pakai dah minyak bintik2 kat hidung. so aku rasa macam oklah, compare dgn yang lain.

      pori2 terbuka susah nak hilangkan, kita cuma boleh bersihkan blackhead, so bila blackhead tu xde baru nmpk macam kulit kita bersih, sebab bintik2 dah tak nampak. ni yg beautician tu cakap dengan akulah.nak kecilkan boleh, tapi ambil masa lama...suruh pakai product dia lama lah betul