Friday, 3 August 2012

nice niece

I thought, I won’t write about my stay in hospital anymore, but seems it’s not. Last night, I flip page by page the picture folder from my iPhone & I found this.
Both are belong to my 2 nieces & both are Charles&Keith, both are still in school & both are wearing Charles&Keith, both are wearing heels & both heels are form Charles & Keith. Haaaa….i’m so envy them.

Those pictures were taken when they came to visit Adelea at the hospital.

Seriously, I’m so excited when I saw them on heels, more excited than their presence. As they no need to come, just send their shoes to me, I’ll be happy. Hehe.

The brown niece & I sharing the same shoe size, so I take the chance to try on them.
I’m so depressed staying in the hospital, but the moody mode immediately changes to happy mode, once I’m on them. I’ll be happier, if this is mine. She has a new handbag, also from the same brand which she got for her birthday. Erm……she requests for it. Clever girl! Next time you should ask for two. Hehe

The blue niece looks so perfect on the heels. Walking nicely and she looks very confident and very natural as she born with that. And she…..not even enter secondary school. tabik springla kat kau!
My sister jokes on them “makde dulu umur 26 tahun baru tau apa itu Charles & keith”. Then….that means, I was 28. I should teach Adelea about heels when she turn 9. I must!

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