Wednesday, 22 August 2012

past is past

Definitely, I'm still at my home sweet home. Celebrating the 4th day of Aidilfitri at my parent's house by watching movies & borak-borak with my family. And...yes...the feeling still the same.


This year Aidilfitri, is the turn to balik kampung to Asan's parents site. We drop by at my parents to pick up Adelea 1 night before, and that night, I already feel the grief. Shaked my parent's hand, ask for forgiveness. Ok..that's the feeling I want to avoid. I don't mind crying watching sad movies, but I don't want to cry because I feel sad I cannot celebrate the 1st raya with my family. Then I told my mother, how I really want to eat her Kuah Kacang, her Tapai and other food that I never want to eat. That night, I feel all the foods are all tasty and yumm yumm yumm.

But, you know......human....easy to forget & easy to tend to forget...and whatever!

Today, I don't feel like eating them all. ha ha ha ha...human...!

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