Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pink, white & yellow

This is what I’m talking about.

I’m not sure what my husband is going to buy next. But, I still keep my prayer “please, no fish pond, no fish pond, no fish pond, please please please”.

The main reason why I didn’t give my vote for fish pond is because it’s requires lot of energy, time & RM to manage & monitor them, which I don’t want to contribute AT ALL. Yes, I admit, fish pond is very attractive, but, it also something likes “nice to see, nice to hold, but once dirt, take forever to clean them all”. Right? And avoiding extra cleaning is what I’m doing now.

Asan always wants to have an aquarium at least, but, I always reject politely his idea.

“The aquarium is ugly” or
“The fishes look dreadful” and
”We’ll find another ok looking aquarium & fish & cheaper”.

Sometimes, I pity Asan. He wanted something, but never gets it, because he has such a….ermmm…..not a very hardworking wife. Hahaha.

I told Asan, I have no objection at all of him having an aquarium. But, before he buys them, consider this,

"I’ll not help him at all, be it cleaning the pond, feeding the fish, contributing ideas or cents or what-so-ever-what-so-not".

Too much of a wife huh? Ohh…c’mon…there are lots of ugly & annoying wife outside. You so lucky you married me.

Ketawa dalam hati

The good side of this is, I don’t have to headache around on how I should make-up my house, everything is ‘under-control’ by Asan. I don’t have to think a pinch about that. Phewwww….i’m so lucky I married him.



  1. Sama la kite.. En krul nak sgt bela kite x bagi..yela nanti dia berak sapa yg kna basuh, muntah lagi..hakuuu baik x kalau ikan kite ok lagi..hehehe

    1. segala apa yang melibatkan mencuci akak nak cuba elakkan...hahaha

  2. Belajar dari senior.. Yessss

    1. ermmm...bergantung pada keadaan dan perangai ya...adakalanya....sifat2 begini hanya applicable kalau perangai macam ni....bye

  3. Belajar dari senior.. Yeahhh.