Friday, 17 August 2012

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin

Today is Friday, and I’m still in the office, celebrating the pre-hari raya by completing the very last of the reporting for this month. Oh…and some ad-hoc too. Never mind, 1st time working, I only went back to hometown on the Raya night, and that still hold “the worst balik kampung raya” crown. That year, 1st raya was on the 1st day of following month, & 1 reporting need to be submitted on the last day of the current month. And that was.old.days.

This year raya, I have my own family to celebrate with, my husband & my daughter. I don’t know how the feeling, as other people always saying there are happy because they celebrate it with their loved ones. Definitely, I’m super duper happy, but last last year also I am super duper happy. Nothing changes on the feeling, except for the additional of family members and also seeing me ironing the clothes tripple the amount.

Hari Raya is the time we ask for forgiveness and also forgive people. Hoping for new start & forget all the grief & sorrow. Hopefully, the ukhuwah among muslims become tighter & tighter.

Dear All,
On behalf of my family & my husband, I would like to seek for forgiveness, zahir & batin. Thanks to Allah, for still let us celebrating this year Raya. (Insya-Allah, raya is 2 more days). Enjoy the holiday with your family & loved ones. Hopefully, we meet again in next year raya.

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